Why Godin Guitars are Great


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  1. I have a godin session with the godin custom humbucker and…I want mo power lol. I wish the Seymour Duncan one was available when I bought mine

  2. Disculpe y mi nombre es ivan nacionalidad colombiana quiero comprar esta guitarra precisamente la que usted está tocando maestro

  3. Lots of people are commenting on Sean's place and…well…yeah. The guitars are great and all, but man. I work in media and my girlfriend is a teacher – we're both in jobs that pay above the average UK salary. Even if we sold our one-bedroom flats and brought a place together here in the UK what we could afford is still extremely limited. My guitars are hanging all over my place – wherever I have a spare patch of wall – and my keyboard is tucked under my desk (which is one of the reasons I don't practise it anywhere near as much as I should). Clearly we should move to the USA! If sitcoms have taught me anything, it's that every American, no matter their job, lives in a massive apartment with beautiful city views.

  4. What kind of amp do you run your godin through? I am seriously debating the purchase. I have always been intrigued with Godin. I play a lot of classical guitar gigs, and I love my nylon string guitar that I currently have. But I really want to give this this a shot. I am trying to find one guitar that I can do it all on. Instead of owning multiple guitars that only are capable of one or two styling. I teach a lot and gig a lot.

  5. I owned 2 Godin guitars and they have been AMAZING!
    btw right now my main guitar is a Godin velocity.

  6. Actually search this in YouTube: Godin Electric Guitar Factory Tour 👍🏻. Neat to watch how they are made.

  7. Sorry, but I have to correct everyone when they pronounce Godin wrong. It's actually pronounced
    Go-Dan. Godin comes from Quebec Canada where there is a lot of French-Canadians who do speak French. Google Robert Godin or in search in YouTube there are videos with Robert, the genius behind Godin Guitars

  8. Yes great guitar I own one my self how ever have a major problem. You have to unplug the guitar every time you use it or you will have a flat battery and 9 volt battery are not cheep also no good for the conection on the guitar

  9. Hay Sean with Andres loving your shows. Never match you in guitar, but you’re both helping. I watched your vlog and saw I have the same coffee ☕️ machine as Sean. My practice has taken a break, I’m going to have an espresso and drink to your continued success. Thanks guys – peace ✌️

  10. Agree totally. Love my godin multiac. Have a lefty version of course. I Do so much finger picking, nylon is essential . Hard enough to grow nails even so.

  11. Just wanted you to know you’ve inspired me to pick up a nylon string guitar. Always played steel string acoustic (and electric), but I just picked up an Ibanez aeg10nii. Kind of a hybrid as well. Cutaway, narrower neck than a normal classical and more frets. Gets here Friday. I’m pretty stoked!


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