Why "Cracks in the Blade" is one of the Best Chapters in Berserk


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“Cracks in the Blade” is the 129th chapter of Berserk set in the Conviction arc. This chapter is just a simple conversation between
Guts and Godo, but the concepts it explores around Guts character up to this point is masterfully done, and that’s what I talk about in today’s video.


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  2. This Chapter shows Guts’s most human faults and virtues. His will and his hatred and the purpose both give him has kept him going through the literal circles of hell. As indomitably strong, and inhumanly versatile his mind has proven. He still shivers at death, and understands no amount of strength can escape what the world is. While Griffith is deceptive in all his angelic appearances, Guts is the cold hard fact of life. Which is why this Blacksmith on his death bed is a person he can confide in. Both know no amount of strength can escape there fate, how he will absorb into oblivion. And Guts will walk out and face the unforgivingly terrifying world outside. My thoughts, maybe nothing special but hey this manga is fucking brilliant and I felt the need to share.

  3. Wow amazing analysis, and love sharing the same passions for Berserk. I’ve read this part twice already in the past, but the depth to this really nailed it for me.

  4. That's a hell of mixed metaphor. Guts is like a sword, with cracks in it, and to get out the cracks you have to soak it in blood, but blood also makes it rust. Seems like it needs a rewrite, try again next week miura

  5. Beautifully made, I have to agree it is also my favorite chapter. I cried thinking of Guts and his journey and who he became. It also reflects on reality and philosophically questions some people's life long actions. Great chapter, and great video.

  6. I think Godo realise what Guts pursue are nothing more than vengeance and revenge but in reality he was a broken man who lost everything he have imagined you are rich guy suddenly you got text from the Government for tax fraud even though you done nothing wrong then they take you to the cleaner while you end up nothing with family members abandoned you, this is how Guts feel his world are being taken away by Griffith and his selfish dream to have kingdom.

  7. Your a phenomenal individual who deserve all the subs you get I wish you nothing but wealth and prosperity in everything you do!

  8. isn't this a little different in Gut's case? Every person an apostle kills ends up in the abyss

    Could you really move on and live a peaceful life knowing your friends are being tortured for all eternity in hell? Sure you can't help them but you could do your best to make sure the ones who were responsible don't do it to anyone else

  9. People talk about the Golden Age being peak Berserk, and while that is phenomenal, I personally enjoy a lot of the early Conviction Chapters even moreso.

  10. Run away? To where? Guts still has the Brand, the demons would still follow and he and Casca would still end up in that swirl from the Black Swordsman arc when they die.


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