Which Monitor to Choose for Photoshop / Photoediting / Graphic Design – 2018


In this video we look at monitors and how to decide on the best choice for Photoshop, and photo editing and graphics in general.

Gain an understanding of everything from bit depth to dithering methods, from twisted nematics to IPS.


Dell Computer Ultrasharp U2415 – WUXGA

BenQ SW2700PT 27 Inch QHD 1440P IPS Photography Monitor

EIZO CG2420-BK ColorEdge Professional Color Graphics Monitor 24.1″

Dell Ultrasharp U2718Q 27-Inch 4K IPS Monitor

Dell Ultrasharp 24 inch Infinity Edge Monitor – U2417H

Dell UltraSharp U3415W 34-Inch Curved LED-Lit Monitor



0:26 – Which Monitor NOT to Buy (Twisted Nematics)

1:53 – Frame Rate Control and Dithering vs true 8 Bit

4:40 – Display resolutions

5:30 – Start of choosing a Good Monitor (UHD)

6:30 – Start of IPS
7:07 – Pixel Density and Color Space (sRGB etc)
7:46 – IPS purple and magenta light bleed

8:55 – EIZO and Dell Ultrasharp range
9:22 – Comparison of Monitors

10:02 – Vertical Alignment (VA) monitors vs IPS / PLS monitors

10:40 – 10 Bit Monitors
11:27 – LUTs (Look up tables) Cinema 4K and Quad HD (QHD)
12:35 – More color spaces (Adobe RGB – 1999)
12:54 – Curved Monitors and light bleed
13:18 – Ergonomics – Pivoting
13:35 – Connectivity – HDMI and Displayport and DVI abandoned

Monitor Comparisons

Display Resolutions List


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  1. A wonderfully produced and performed explanation of numerous important features and specs that should be considered when shopping for a monitor for use with photo editing (which I am). Thanks very much for taking the time to produce this. You have a great voice and an unhurried tempo regarding the technical aspects. I'll shop with more confidence now after watching this.

    By the way, perhaps at the time that you made this video, the Samsung U32H850 might not have been available. It stands up quite nicely to the other monitors that you featured here however, even though it is much more current than the Samsung model that you compared, it still seems to be stuck in some older LED-related technology as the pixel density is not that tight and it only gets about 80% of Adobe RGB. Somehow it rated 125% with the sRGB. Not sure how significant that would be for my photo editing

    It's a tough choice for me as I also like to game and the min response time is quite fast at 4ms. At $611 for a 32" with UHD and full 10 bit depth (including the 90° pivot), I'm stumped 🙁

  2. As someone who's severely grossed out by lip smacking and mouth noises, I could not turn this video off soon enough. Dude, get a pop-stopper, move the microphone away from your mouth, and have a drink of water.

  3. Hi, I am between this models Samsung JG50 27" 1440p and the Lenovo 27" P27H 1440p and a lg 27ul500w 4k. I will use it for some 3d rendereing and some photoshop. I need the colors to be accurate, real and vivid. But not that much as a profesional photographer. what do you recommend?. Is 4k to difficult to see icons, windows and text, have you Scale Windows.?. What is your experience with 4k?

  4. Hello, there. Please help me in selecting the best monitor between them.


    BENQ PD2700Q

    ACER CB271HK

    ACER VG271UP


  5. In a nutshell – for photo editing, an IPS monitor 24 inch minimum, 25 inch better, 27 inch better again If you have space. Look for 2560 x 1440 or better resolution. AND when you get your monitor, check (in a dark room with a darker image) to see how bad the backlight bleed is. You may need to return the monitor and try another. On a budget? Dell Ultrasharp or BENQ. Money no issue – EIZO.

  6. I'm looking at a monitor thats …

    Colour Depth (Num of Colours)

    6bit+A-FRC, 16.7M colors

    What does this mean and if it a good choice?

  7. VGA + DVI .. no people doesn't like to use that, they just have a bad hardware.. Therefore they shouldn't even consider such a purchase in first place..

  8. I learned something today n this video. Thanks a lot. Am searching for a budget monitor for coral draw, Photoshop and some text content works, programming. Please advice
    – which panel I Shud go?
    – curved or ultra wide or normal flat?
    – response time and Freq matters here?

  9. One of the best informative video i have ever seen on youtube ! Subscribed half way the video. Thx so much. Ps.The clear voice and tonality helped a lot to understand all the info,keep it this way.

  10. Hi I am a colourist and i am on the hunt for a monitor, would this be ok to use as a guide for film cinematic post production purposes?

  11. VZ279Q 27 Inch Ultra-low Blue Light Monitor
    What about this monitor! Iam a photographer and using photoshop always


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