WHAT TO EAT IN SAIGON! Vietnamese Breakfast & Lunch Foods


Here’s what to eat in Ho Chi Minh featuring delicious Vietnamese foods Bánh cuốn, Vietnamese steamed rice rolls and Bún bò Huế, Vietnamese beef noodle soup! Vietnamese street food tour thanks to: www.saigonfoodtour.com!
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This Saigon street food tour introduced us to the following Vietnamese breakfast & lunch foods:
-Banh Cuon which is Vietnamese steamed rice rolls. It usually includes ground pork, wood ear mushroom, shallots.
-Vietnamese Coffee which is an extremely STRONG coffee with the addition of condensed milk.
-Bun Bo Hue, spicy Vietnamese beef noodle soup, which includes rice vermicelli (bun) and beef (bo).
-Chè is Vietnamese sweet dessert soup with coconut milk.

Hope this gave you a good introduction to the Vietnamese food scene :)! Honestly we are only getting started..heheh, prep that appetite!

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  1. Why do you wear masks?. Is the air quality bad in Saigon. I am in Nah Trang right now and can't see the city buildings because of a haze across the city which must be pollution. Thus is my first time I have tried Vietnamese food. It's different.

  2. ……..special dishes…..dry shit .marinate d in Chinese urine…..over 24h…..at 0.oc.
    (this specialty is the favorite of vn commies and their….friends , sympathy …..vvvvv.
    Và cho lũ khốn nạn…. Vào vn vc…. du lịch…. đem tiền cho lũ nó.. dùng mua phương tiện để giết người dân vn vô tội… Dm lũ…. chúng mày…..

  3. I’m Vietnamese and have been to Vietnam before but never seen the coconut worms and I will never ever eat them in my life

  4. "I'm pregnant with a food baby"…I almost fell off my chair laughing. You are great TJ. Thanks for doing food reviews in Vietnam. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  5. When riding with her on the bike do I grab on to her stomach or her chest? I know if I grabbed on to her stomach, it will be difficult for her to breath.


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