What is uganda knuckles? The history and origin of do u know da wae memes


What is Ugandan Knuckles VRchat meme? This one is the most popular meme of 2018 thus far. Do u know da wae has been everywhere! But What is the origin of the uganda knuckles meme?

We take a deeper look into the history and origin of the uganda knuckles meme! I explain the elements that have combined to make the meme and look into the origins of knuckles and the phrase “do u know da wae” or “do u no da wae” or “do u know da wei” or any of the other billion variations which it is spelled. Knuckles began life as a sega character in the 90’s before becoming a popular meme in 2018 thanks to the game vrchat and youtube.

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  1. How tf this vid got many dislike
    Asian see Uganda at a cute creature
    >:vv who say the memes died i will kill

  2. Dont know why I'm commenting on this that was uploaded two years ago but hear it is.
    The term came from the video game, assassin creed origin. Not a Ugandan movie. In the game you very frequently hear npc's say " do you know the way"


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