What Is The Roblox Death Sound Meme? A look at the many uses of the Roblox "uuhhh/oof" Memes


What is the Roblox Death Sound Meme? The popular Roblox game has a sound effect within it that has started to be used in a variety of memes in various ways which has started to help the meme become popular in recent months.

The Roblox death sound has started to be used within various memes in a variety of ways. First being used as a sound clip in videos of people getting hurt and or dying much like it has been used within the Roblox game. The sound effect has also started to be used within other memes. It has been mixed into popular memes and formulas we’ve become familiar with as well as creative and catchy music remixes which has been a huge factor to the recent popularity of the meme. It’s very interesting to see how far a simple sound effect has been taken.

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  1. Youtubers who plays ROBLOX : DanTDM , Ant , Poke , Hyper , SeeDeng , The Frustrated Gamer , Beautiful O.B. , Camodo Gaming , Znac , JesseTC. And many more Idk about

  2. Roblox became in trouble because of the game "2000 Messiah." So the person who voice acted that saw it and sued Roblox for over 2B+ because of it.

  3. 3:41 "OOOFFF" comes from the PC game "Messiah" that was released in 2000. Made by Shiny Entertainment. The main character an angel falls in the moon and makes that sound when he hits the ground and rolls. Behind The Meme……….you failed!


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