What is sanic? gotta go fast? The creation and origin of the sonic meme explained


What is gotta go fast? Who is sanic hegehog? When did the sonic the hedgehog memes start? Today we look at the origin of the popular sonic meme.

Sanic hegehog and gotta go fast are both memes that are derived from the popular video game character sonic the hedgehog. Today we look at the creation , meaning, and origin of both these memes and explain how and why they are used in today’s internet culture. We take a look at the strange history of these popular drawings. Some of these drawings and games are insane! Gotta love the internet. Sega and sonic remixed!

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  1. Theory: a time traveler did some fan art for crazy Carl’s drawing of “the blue devil” and released during the wrong time.

  2. All right.

    Sanic was born im 1668, so he is now 332 Years old.
    He was the leader of MLG Memes and he defeated the "Illumimati" by his power fused with Weegee.
    There also were many variatons of Sanic, for example Supah Sanic, Hypa Sanic, Dankspine Sanic, Dark Sanic, and more.
    He died on a 700 yrs old ship sinking in 2014, i forgor its name.
    people took the lifeboats, BUT they left our Legend in there.
    The ship sunk, however, Sanic started floating, however he was hit by a wave and flew RIGHT into the rock. they found him dead…..
    Rest in peace SANIC…
    well, i found this on YTP wiki

  3. …….

    my parents were talking about Sonic so i kept saying Sanic and they got mad and i said “its a meme” and they asked for proof

    i gave them a photo of sanic

  4. Your voice is like him it's got a Instagram and always on FB chills sure talks about supernatural n stuff, but talks that annoying way to piss ppl off 😂😂 if you know u know


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