Weasel puu coffee! Ben Thanh Market, Best Food All Over Saigon


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  1. AVOID BEN TANH MARKET. We just got back and went there a few times over 3 weeks. The place is an abusive, expensive rip off.
    We've been going to SE Asia for decades and my wife is SE Asian. We're far from spoiled naive spoiled tourists.
    Two basic types like this place; 1) New or naive travelers 2) Travelers who spend like they're in the west.
    A couple wild cards might be; 1) battered wife types who feel they deserve abusive treatment 2) guilty liberals, making excuses for their behavior -like I did.

  2. That first dish u ate (banh cuon) does come like that in the states. U just gotta go get it in down in Little Saigon aka Westminster 😆😆

  3. Joemalian citizens! We have a emergency. It seems our king wants to migrate to vietnam. What will happen to Joemalia kingdom?

  4. Damn vietnam really on the come up. Last time i visited saigon was in 2015 and apartment buildings and skyscrapers were just being built all over the place


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