Vịnh Lăng Cô , Biển Cảnh Dương , Biển Vinh Thanh có gì khác – Khám Phá Bãi Biển Vinh Thanh


Lang Co Bay, Bien Duong Beach, Vinh Thanh Sea is nothing different – discover Vinh Thanh sea – Nguyen hao vlog

Hello friends.
Let’s explore the Vinh Thanh Beach with Hao.
Not so famous as Lang Co beach or Canh Duong beach. No convenient location near HCMC. Hue is like Thuan An beach but Vinh Thanh sea has its own charisma that once came to mingle with the rattling waves, feel the fresh salty smell of the sea on the boats filled with cuttlefish returning … New visitors can fully feel about a sea that is the choice of many tourists on weekends.

How to Hue city 30 km southeast, located on a convenient road, just less than 30 minutes by car to reach Vinh Thanh beach. The convenience of transportation plus clean beaches, fresh and cheap seafood should Vinh Thanh is the choice of many people who want to travel the summer sea. In the summer days, there are thousands of tourists coming here but the peak is like the 7th, Sunday, Lunar New Year or the Hue Festival recently, the number of tourists is up to 5, 6 thousand people.

Like most other beaches in the Central region, sunny, windy, Vinh Thanh beach is always full of sunshine with blue skies, white clouds, whispering waves, white bubbles. White sand stretches, blue sea, romantic sunset, quiet melodious space. Perhaps because the sea of ​​Thanh Vinh has not received the attention of the tourism operators, it still retains the pristine character, very suitable for those who love the tranquility and natural nature …
The typical image of Vinh Thanh is the fishing boats waiting on the sand before going to the sea, the faces of the countryside people with dark tan skin, the rich voice of Hue, the gentle, honest and very filial character guest. And it is always interesting for all tourists to go to the sea to choose for themselves the fresh squid, the greener crabs glistening from the fishing boat that just docked to hire restaurants or houses processed into dishes. fresh.
Unlike the Seascape Ocean beach of the hut camp camps in the ocean, the Sea of ​​Honor is different from the inherent wilderness.
If you do not like the bustle at crowded beaches, do not want to go too far and love the wild features, Vinh Thanh will be the choice of many tourists. By not only bathing here, but visitors will also find it interesting to join the life of the people here, to be welcomed by the train from afar. And for photography enthusiasts, Vinh Thanh is a place not to be missed. The remaining point that Vinh Thanh Beach does not have is the accommodation service for tourists who want to stay here. This is also the local government’s attention calling for investors. Hopefully, in the near future, Vinh Thanh will have many changes to make this beach more and more attractive not only for local tourists but also for domestic and foreign tourists to relax and swim in the summer. .Hãy ĐĂNG KÝ tại để theo dõi những video mới, hấp dẫn nhất từ Kênh Nguyễn Hào Vlog nhé!.
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