[VIETSUB] Những Quán Cà Phê Đẹp | Instagram-Worthy Cafes in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam) 📸☕️


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This video was inspired by absentabroad’s video for cafes in Seoul. I loved the way she filmed her videos, and I thought it would be nice to create one for Saigon. Go check out her channel if you haven’t already! 🙂

« I N F O R M A T I O N »

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+ places mentioned in this video:
╰ shin coffee – 13 nguyen thiep, district 1
╰ poke saigon – floor 2 42 ly tu trong, district 1
╰ cafe 81 – 216b nguyen van nguyen district 1
╰ the hidden elephant coffee & books – 35 phan chu trinh, district 1
╰ the coffee house – 19b pham ngoc thach, district 3
╰ the open space – 232/13 vo thi sau, district 3

+ music:
╰ t r a $ h – s a f e

╰ vietra – ineedyou.

╰ timmies – soft skin (ft. shiloh)

╰ Lệ Thu – Đêm Đông

+ equipment:
╰ camera: canon g7x mark ii
╰ program: final cut pro x



  1. Let me know in the comments which cafe in Saigon is your favourite! ✨
    Các bạn thích quán cà phê nào nhất ở Sài Gòn? Comment cho J biết nhé. 💕

  2. Exactly what I was looking for! will be home next year and I was wondering if you know of any cafes with mostly pour over coffee? thanks!

  3. The most instagram worthy cafe shop for me during my times in Saigon, (and I haven't been to a lot), is probably Cafe Country House, address is 18C Phan Văn Trị, Phường 10, Gò Vấp. It's like a tiny little village. First time I saw it driving by, I just had to go there.

  4. I want to go to Saigon just because of your videos but the flight fee for Saigon is almost twice as high as flight to Hanoi.😢 So I booked the flight to Hanoi, hoping the city is as beautiful as Saigon. Wish me luck😭 btw love the way you film this video, way to go girl!

  5. Hey Joyce, this video was sooo nicely edited! Your game is going up :] Loved the music as well, overall I think your editing skills are A+ But watching this really makes me crave some tea… lol ;]

  6. I‘d move to vietnam for the book cafe alone 😩Thanks for the recs Joyce! They’re on my list for the next I visit Vietnam. And I love the music you used. Very chill and the shots were much aesthetic. I love how there’s always new cafes opening in Saigon. The coffee culture is really something else too. Like that street in D.1 with 24 hour coffee shops like Thức. I’m always culture-shocked to see it always packed with people late into the night.

  7. I love the music you played during the Cafe 81 part! I collect records and have some amazing old Vietnamese ones released in Paris in the 50s and 60s. Records pressed in Vietnam are super hard to find even online and can be pretty pricey, but there are a few great compilations out there too. I love the sound of singing in Vietnamese…
    I hope to someday understand what they’re singing about 🙂

  8. AMAZING video. My favorites are: Nho Cafe in Phu Nhuan, The Flower Market and Tea House in D2, and the one that serves egg coffee in Bui Vien :)) Lowkey hate you for doing this video now that i am gone :'( <3

  9. Em thích video của chị lắm ạ tại vì em định đến chơi Saigon vào mùa hè này, nhưng mà em muốn hỏi nếu chị có thể làm một video về chỗ mua sắm được không ạ, kiểu những cửa hàng mà không quá obvious í ạ nhưng mà đồ ở đấy lại đẹp í ạ. <3

  10. Thao: One of your best. Like the music and how you finished with "fin" and acknowledgement of Patreon. I love ca phe and the coffee culture. So happy you did not include "Starbucks" ( world's worst coffee…ha). Like the concept of the "book cafe". Fr. USA


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