Vietnamese Food-6 Favorite Veg/Vegan Banh Mi Shops in Saigon


Update:Veggie Saigon no longer serves their vegan banh mi!
I know how frustrating it can be to find vegetarian and vegan options, especially when it comes to tasting local dishes! The banh mi is a classic street food snack or meal in Vietnam. The wonderful baguette from the French colonial period, fresh herbs, veggies and pickles, but unfortunately for vegetarians and vegans the classic version includes mostly pork, pate, sometimes chicken, and occasionally fish. I’m not either a strict vegetarian or vegan, I still indulge in fish and seafood on occasion, but I mostly stick to a plant-based diet so I know the challenges sometimes trying to find things to fit into the diet. Luckily with a Buddhist based culture in Vietnam, vegetarianism/veganism, is a more widely accepted diet or way of life compared with many other countries. I’ve been eating my way through the many plant-based options in Ho Chi Minh City for the last few weeks and narrowed down 6 of my favorite banh mi that are either vegetarian or vegan. As I mentioned in the video I believe some of the vegetarian options could be vegan if you asked to leave mayo off the bread. The least expensive banh mi was found at Veggie Saigon for d15,000, (takeaway), the most expensive from The Vegan Garden d35,000. We are talking a price range from $0.65-$1.51USD, amazing value! Delivery from District 7 to District 1 for the banh mi from The Vegan Garden was $1.00USD.
Please let me know in the comments if you enjoy and appreciate these videos on finding good food, particularly vegetarian and plant-based food, and I’ll do more. Ho Chi Minh City was recently named one of the top 15 cities in the world for vegans. I’m not the least bit surprised. I’m finding the options, value, and quality of vegan food in HCMC first rate!
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List of restaurants featured in the video in order:
Banh Nam-213 Bui Vien District 1
New Hoang Banh Mi-109 Nguyen Thai Bin District -d20,000
Veggie Saigon-42 Duong De Tham District 1-d15,000 takeaway
Cha Hang Chay Au Lac Healthy World-120 Nguyen Trai District 1-d25,000
Banh Mi Express-Uptown-17 Pasteur District 1-d20,000
The Vegan Garden-So 336 Ha Huy Tap-District 7-d35,000


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  1. Trust me. When they said vegan. It’s vegan. Even the mayo. Remember, vegan in Vietnam us more for spiritual people, not merely a way dieting.
    The chewy texture (probably Mì Căn) is made with bread flour.

  2. Hi here in Kaohsiung there are great vegetarian places from cafeterias with great variety you can fill up for eighty nt

  3. Hi great info on this video next time you are in Taipei there are some unreal vegan ,not to mention vegetarian there are so many very swanky ones


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