Vietnamese Bun Thit Nuong for Breakfast in Saigon


Bun thit nuong (bún thịt nướng), is one of the many outstanding Vietnamese dishes of rice vermicelli noodles topped with grilled pork. Get the details about this restaurant here:

When I was traveling in Saigon, this was one of the major dishes that many of you suggested that I should eat, and so one day, I decided to go in search of a restaurant called Chi Thong Bun Thit Nuong in District – a restaurant that came as a high recommendation from Eating Saigon ( It took me a little while to find the restaurant, but eventually I could smell the pork down the road, and I knew I was in the right place to chow down.

You can always order bun thit nuong (bún thịt nướng), which comes with the vermicelli noodles topped with grilled pork, but I also like the addition of a fried crispy spring roll on top, which goes by the name of bún thịt nướng chả giò. As soon as I ordered, the owner took a bowl, and piled in a handful of vegetables, which I think mostly consisted of Vietnamese coriander, cilantro, and lettuce. She then took a handful of rice vermicelli noodles and added them to the bowl. Next step in the assembly line was to go in for a couple of skewers of sweet marinated grilled pork, which had been grilled just moments before, and she placed them right on top of the noodles. After that, she took a freshly deep fried spring roll, and using a pair of scissors, she sliced that up on top too. The final step in my bowl of bun thit nuong cha gio was to add all the seasoning – which included a few types of sauce, one of them being the sweet Vietnamese fish sauce, some other sauces, and a scallion oil, which I think also included some pork oil and pieces of pork cracklings.

Once my bowl of Vietnamese bun thit nuong cha gio was delivered to my table, it was already almost seasoned to perfection, but I just needed to add some chili to make it perfect. The red crushed chilies gave it that extra touch it needed. The rice vermicelli noodles were soft and slightly sticky, and I really loved that beautiful mixture of fresh Vietnamese herbs that were roughly cut on the bottom of my bowl. Additionally, the pieces of grilled pork meat were sweet and smoky tasting, and the egg roll was crispy and incredibly flavorful. The dressing was sweet and salty, and the chilies added the kick it needed. Overall, it was a great bowl of bun thit nuong.

Bun thit nuong (bún thịt nướng) is a Vietnamese dish that you’ll find throughout Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), from indoor restaurants to street food stalls, so when you’re there, you shouldn’t have any problem locating it. Bún Thịt Nướng Chị Thông was very good, and the owner is very nice as well.

If you want to eat here, here are some details about Chi Thong Bun Thit Nuong:
Address: 195 Cô Giang, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Open hours: 7 am – 10 pm daily
Price: For my bowl, it cost 40,000 Vietnamese Dong

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  1. Mark, you added way too much chopped chillies. You'll be shitting fire. and the seeds are hard on the intestine. But the food is great. I know a Pho place in an alley in the backpack area that is one of the best. Love the food. Good watching you. I know things in the area.

  2. It awesome the foods here very good fresh healthy foods very nice love this shop very clean place for food and lots of nice healthy foods thanks

  3. O.K. I was here for business for 7 days and I had breakfast here after seeing this video (fortunately the hotel was close) and I went back another 4 times and went lunch a couple times it is seriously so good. Bits of pork, crispy rolls, so amazing. The best way to start your day.

  4. Mark ,you eat bun cha gio thit nuong like a real Vietnamese ,you put Chili first
    and then mixe up the bowl ,you really enjoy Vietnamese food thank you 🌹🌷💖

  5. You should try some dishes such as: Bun Bo Hue (Hue Beef Noodle Soup); Pho (beef Noodle Soup) Bun Thit Nuong (BBQ Pork Noodle); Bo la lop & Nem Nuong; Bun Rieu Cua; Different types of Snails (very delicious dishes); Spring Roll; Rice Paper Roll; Bánh Xèo; Banh Mi; Cháo Gà (Chicken rice soup) or cháo Vịt (duck rice soup); Vietnamese coffee…..more and more. Enjoy my friends!

  6. Totally agree when u say Viet egg rolls and spring rolls are the best in the world. The Viets are definitely the best when it comes to rolls

  7. Hey Mark,

    I see that you like Bun Thit Nuong, if you're ever in the Orange County, Westminster area in California, I would love to take care of you. Just let me know! I have a little mom and pop shop if you'd ever like to stop by.

  8. That's one of favorite Vietnamese dishes I would go to the joint back in California three times a week..they don't have good Vietnamese restaurants in Utah of course its not the real thing but it was good😊

  9. This is generally a noodle based salad and of course eating local is sensible when you're travelling. When travelling, I do avoid globalised food sources and of course over 90% of the time not eat at swanky or stuffy upmarket establishments, even if it's local fare.

  10. John I love YouTube channel but don't mind me asking how many times u go to restroom in a 24 hrs period cause all the hot sauce, peppers, and meat food u eat

  11. That is amazing Mark. But there are two things that I don't like about the dish:
    First, the meat skewer is very small. The meat is not enough for a bowl of rice noodle.
    Second, the price is so expensive. I have eaten a bowl of bun thit nuong for only 25000 vnd and it has an extra grilled meatball.

  12. Bún thịt nướng vừa rẻ vừa ngon…. So với phở hay các loại bún khác mình thích bún thịt nướng nhất…


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