Using Beauty Box Video to Do Beauty Work on Commercials – Premiere Pro


Colorist Jason Bowdach shows how to realistically retouch skin on a shot used for a commercial. Applying the right amount of ‘digital makeup’ via the Beauty Box plugin will get you a natural looking result and Jason explains how he uses it to get that look.

Beauty Box Video is the industry leading plugin for doing high quality retouching and beauty work. Jason uses Premiere Pro in this tutorial, but the techniques can be applied in FCP, Avid, After Effects, Resolve or many other host applications. Here’s the link to the free trial:

Source footage courtesy of Dave Mahmoudieh



    When i install the beauty box plugin
    the i open adobe premier pro cc 2017 it is loading all plugins after beauty box plugin premier pro had been hang
    adobe premier pro cc 2017 had stopped working
    then i uninstall beauty box now adobe premier pro cc 2017 working
    please help me bro to how to install beauty box plugin in adobe premier pro cc 2017
    please help

  2. Digital Anarchy's Beauty Box was the first plugin to offer a digital solution to "skin refining". In this video tutorial Jason Bowdach employs Mocha to create individual isolated shapes, that he then applies Beauty Box to. Whether you think this comparatively fiddly process is worth the effort, I suppose depends on the intended outcome of your clip. Personally, I see Mocha as a product that has been rather too loudly sold by its current owner Boris FX, in an attempt to bury its competition, Silhouette Roto (a rotoscope application I much prefer to use).

    As an independent filmmaker working with a wide range of video plates, I use Beauty Box (and other skin refining plugins) to reduce the distracting sharpness of subjects photographed with high definition cameras. The plugin is also useful to soften talent's skin in stylised, dream like environments. This is where I see the use of such plugins begins and ends.

    As for advertising (the wealthy relative to Hollywood) selling cosmetics, I think any suggestion that all people need to do is use brand X to have a flawless complexion (when in reality, chances are the talent has had surgical procedures, make up, careful lighting and post production processing to perfect the illusion), is a harmful deception that promotes psychological delusion in consumers.


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