Unit 7 English 9 – Bài Tập Tiếng Anh Mai Lan Hương 9 (phần IV) – Saving Energy

Unit 7 English 9 – Bài Tập Tiếng Anh Mai Lan Hương 9 (phần IV) – Saving Energy
IV.Fill in the blank space in each sentence with and, but, so, or, because, therefore, however.
1. Polly’s watch was broken she borrowed mine.
2. My family went to Africa we wanted to study the wild animals.
3. Melissa tried to read the book she couldn’t understand it.
4. She isn’t English she speaks English perfectly
5. They bought a lot of clothes. went to town
6. The road was under water the police closed it to traffic.
7. The air is polluted there’s too much traffic.
8. I haven’t got a car I’ve got a motorbike.
9. Study harder you will fail the coming exam
10. She’s working late next Friday she can’t come to the party.
11. Would you like some water some fruit juice?
12. I was hungry didn’t eat on the plane. The food didn’t look appetizing.
13. We wanted to go to the beach; it started to rain we stayed at home.
14. Someone switched the freezer off all the food was spoilt.
15. The water in the river is polluted we can’t go swimming.

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