Triple your Battery Life for FREE! THIS METHOD REALLY WORKS!


We’ve all read about how to extend our laptop’s battery life, but in this video we find out just how much juice the most common tricks get us.

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  1. This video title reads eerily like one of those sketchy adds you see at the bottom of a news article "This exotic fruit is 3x more effective than traditional weight loss methods."

  2. What about a wireless keyboard and mouse? Since the devices that are using the most power are battery operated by their own power supply it should reduce the battery usage on the laptop.

  3. Hey linus do you know how to reduce battery usage on Asus Zenbook Pro Model UX581GV-H2036T im still new using laptop

  4. put it on airplane mode (if not online). Same with phone (if u dont care about missed calls like when ur on subway and can’t them anyway). That makes it last the longest.

  5. That "om" or "ohm" was pretty spectacular. That joke is only understandable to smart people. Still laughing at it.

  6. Airplane mode works well in saving battery in smartphones. This is because the tricks main focus is to stop sim cards from searching for signals. Laptops doesn't have any sim cards in them. So it won't work on laptops. However there is a drawback for this trick on smartphones itself. You have sim cards for the purpose of using internet, making calls, and sending messages. This trick stops them all making your smartphone almost useless. So not recommended.

  7. My laptop battery DIED thats why I am always on power cable.
    It has 2 cores 2 gigs of ram, and 111 gb of storage
    For 2020:
    Even our brand new gmo potato can run minecraft at 240 fps
    (I think gmo is our future, its exactly same but better)

  8. Awesome content! Learn how to save your laptop's battery life by watching our latest video:

  9. Optimum settings for performance and battery:
    1. Power plan: somewhere in between
    2. Low volume/ headphones
    3. Screen resolution: 1080p or maybe 768p
    4. External keyboard and mouse: NOPE
    5. Backlight: NOPE
    6. Medium brightness
    7. Turn off WiFi, BT etc.

  10. My acer nitro 5 battery life said 12 hours but with nothing plugged in and just keyboard light on still lasted only 2 hours

  11. Dude you make your videos in such a way that the viewer has to watch the whole video instead of skipping it. Good technique. Appreciate it


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