Top 10 Best MMORPG Android & iOS Games 2019


Ranking the best #MMORPG #games on #Android and #iOS so far in 2019, drop a like and enjoy!

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  1. Dragon raja end up to be more like a single player game with lots of stories and the story sucks…. so sad for such a beautiful game

  2. Lately im seeing these ads about dragon raja and i fell in love with it just watching the ad
    I already pre-ordered it uwu

  3. Oof. As someone who has played BDO It's definitely the least interesting thing on here. And sandbox MMO is a huge overstatement. All the lifeskills are pretty much useless except fishing, which is generally just an AFK activity anyway. The quests are boring and forgettable. It's pretty but has no substance under the shiny wrapper, and it straight up sucks when you hit level 50 thanks to PVP being always on.

  4. Global release for B&S please Netmarble. Ive been a solid NM player for over 5 years now. From Lineage to Knights Chronicle to Seven Knights to Marvel Future Fight, so I hope NM release this globally.

  5. Only thing I don’t like about Black Desert Mobile is that fucking hud to much shit going on all at once just give the map, my hp and skills that’s all I need to see

  6. This list is 100% steaming pile of garbage. Kudos for the effort in assembling it, but let's be real here…this selection is rubbish.

  7. Any recommendations for an iOS-MMORPG with a more traditional UI? By that I mean with spells lined along the bottom of a landscaped positioned phone. Kind of like how Guild Wars 2 have their spells positioned. I’m really not a fan of all the spells jammed in a corner. Also some of your video clips don’t show the UI. Thanks in advance!


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