The Tragedy of Casca (Berserk)


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  1. As much as i wanted to read and watch berserk by recommendation from PewDiePie and others, i won't. I entered the anime world with devilman crybaby but knowing such things gonna happen i am just too weak to do it.. gonna regret it but i am sure I'll regret not watching it but i am sure I'll be same after watching it too..

  2. Somehow i found my girly and we both had traumatic experiences as children and when i felt like she was someone i could trust i told her what happened to me and she started to cry and when she told me it happened to her to it really did bring us closer. For the first time in my life i felt safe and all these dreams of a life with someone i didnt know could happen suddenly became something i could actually have. She had been hurt so much and i did everything to support her but help her see how much she was worth and nothing or nobody could ever take away her power. I met the love of my life and she will always be. Lifes not always fair tho and she was taken away from me and the only reason i can even think of leading some kind of happy life is because i know she wouldn't want me to be alone. This story line between guts and casca has so much truth to vulnerability acceptance and love i cant help but think of my girly every time. I just miss her so much.. i miss my bestfriend. Ill always love you girly and i cant thank you enough for showing me what love is.

  3. When I read Berserk, I came for the gore and creepy demon shit that everyone talked about, but stayed for the story and drama. Most shoujo manga's don't have such good romance and character development as Berserk. It came to the point that I love every single character in Guts's new group. Guts is the most kind person ever, that is what I LOVE about Berserk. It shows a main character, a guy that is broken and sad, but is allowed to show how weak and insecure he really is, he was like a dog, a people pleaser, who did everything Griffith said for a few kind words of approval from him, just like he did for Gambino. But he is still pushing through and is still allowing other people to enter his heart, he is still trying to love, and that is the hardest thing ever to do after being betrayed like he was. Guts is a truly kind and emotional person, and Berserk let that kindness shine. Not many male characters have been allowed this, sadly. And his love for Casca is the purest thing I have read about in a long while.

  4. From 10:39 to 10:42 I've watched this series three times and I never noticed that she had bare hands on his back then it flashes to the overhead shot and she has gloves on, baffling.


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