THE PLATFORM Ending Explained!


In this video we take a deep dive, review, recap and explain the ending to Netflix’s latest horror film from Spain “The Platform”. El Hoyo.

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  1. Anyone notice that the majority of the food on that platform if eaten on a daily basis would kill you anyway. Each person picked a favorite food and that was supposed to be their only meal for the entire stay. Imagine the ending if they actually ate that one choice meal. Dead or near death anyway

  2. I'd order Olive Garden's Never-Ending-Breadsticks Bowl. On a side note, have you been watching Devs? And URGENTLY: Please, please watch Tiger King on Netflix. It may not seem like our normal type of show; but you won't be able to take your eyes away once you're into the second episode.

  3. i think the FAST speed the child going up is representation of new system new generation new leaders.
    the main character guy represents that when there is a corrupt unjust system one must take actions that are against ones own belief and morals beyond measures, in order to shed a light to just even acknowledge the possibilities of change. after playing the corrupt systems undesirable game just to seek attention of change the guys experiences have been shaken yet what has been done is absolutely necessary.
    the woman is significant of Mother's love, one that will kill and take care doing whatever it takes to love the future, her kid.
    the man couldn't go up because he knows he has done wrong even though he did what he must.
    the woman didn't go up because she is caring and loving and as long as she is together with her child, protecting her kid is the priority. if she has then maybe the people above would take her daughter away, she volunteer just to be with her child she wasn't there to bust the system as much as long as she is together and safe with her child. i think maybe her child could possibly knocked something over a window and harmed someone by accident just like what happened to the old man. which could be the reason why the child is there. It takes a mothers guts to ride down so most wouldn't go there also lower means less food or chance to fight someone else that might eat you, chances very unlikely that the weak dares to go down, i just kind of know why bad people wouldn't go down and only good people would so the girl has been safe.

  4. Ain’t even gonna lie the whole time my theory was that Goreng was going to get a culinary degree to be a chef to cook for the people in the hole at the end. That woulda been crazy

  5. What I didn't understand: If the woman searched for the kid, she must have reached the plattform nr. 333 at one point right? Why did she never find her child? And on the other side how could the kid survive without any food?

  6. What if they just gained as much weight as they can before entering the hole so that they could burn all that fat for energy ? I've heard about water fasting and it's possible

  7. The movie is about humanity's greed and not working together, yeah yeah yeah, whatever. What I want to know is…
    1. how did the platform work with nothing to hold it, or any mechanics? And it couldn't have worked on magnetism or suction either.

    2. the woman with cancer. She said that she alternated the days for her and her dog to eat. That makes no sense. The dog is roughly 1/7 her size and would eat far less food, even if she was rationing.
    3. what was the point of killing the woman's dog?
    4. why didn't the girl ever step on the platform before, just out of curiosity?

  8. Nice review… Great film!!! just goes to show you what Progress & Science has done for us, made us all into piecemeal morons beset by fear, need, and greed. Get rid of all technology that is not the body and get rid of all science that is not your conscience. Don Peyote would approve… (and if you get the chance, try the mushrooms) 😉

  9. Irony is –
    1) the producer of this film (Netflix) earned the most out of this film
    2) then the director
    3) the writer
    4) VFX guy
    5) the cameramen
    …….and in the last in the darkness it's us who directly paid Netflix to watch this film with a message that contradicts itself which we will forget in a day or two!

    The idea was great but the whole agenda of this story is to criticize the capitalism, they could have given it a meaningful end but only a talented writer can end a story…which is the most difficult part of writing…if the agenda was to write a story with a message and not a message with a story then we could have had a great ending.

  10. How do they magically change levels every month and are the levels they’re at totally random or is it a consequence of how they did the previous month?

  11. A little theory I had was that the people on top get the best food and the people at the lower levels are left with the left overs or nothing at all. What I mean by that is the people at the “top” are the rich and powerful never being hungry and always having food, the people at the “lower levels” can be seen as the lower class. I say this because it comes to show how people of the lower class have to go throw Hunger and not having food to eat and having to do bad things just to be able to eat food. This is further shown by the people at the top not giving a dam about the people at the bottom if they eat or not. Just like today Society nobody in the top class knows what it is to live as a lower class people.

  12. My personal view is that this place is purgatory. The souls of the dead are being tested through trials and tribulations. You can see the main character talking at the entrance. Level 0,1 and 2. Notice the woman (inoguiri) interviewing him and the numbers 1 and 2 behind her. The whole structure goes from heaven to hell. Food for the soul at the top and starvation at the bottom. The movie is testing the characters. The absolute bottom is devoid of light. The food added to the moving platform is every should favorite dish. Meaning there are literally 666 dishes on the platform and everyone would have a chance to eat if each person just ate their favorite plate. The other thing that gives credence that they are truly on the afterlife is the platform itself. It is moved by nothing. Nothing is sustaining it. The washed girl can man innocence or hope. The message they want to send to the top is that good still exist.

  13. Guy I got calluses on the bottom of my feet that could feed a person a decent amount of protein twice a week. I think I could survive a month for real.

  14. The administration is best i can think of is greed and wanting to be the best of the best, because the chef takes a lot of pride in his lavish meals coupled with violin music and fine glasswear. Rather than fixing an unfair system, they instead hide it like putting child poverty at the most bottom floor along with the criminal activity. This leaves the best looking residents at the top platform and the “richest” in the eyes of the rest of the world. It makes them get what they want of looking the most well put together establishment by shortcutting the system and putting everyone else, the 60% of people that make below 40k, underneath the rug. Kind of how like the United States has a GDP of 19 trillion yet it is similar to a third wheel country in that many people do not have health insurance, our criminal justice is flawed, our gun violence is through the roof, and our education is a shame. Looks pretty on the outside but holds a whole lot of lies and deception.


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