The PERFECT Day in SAIGON! –  Incredible Street Food, Epic Views & More! (Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam)


It’s our final day here in Saigon and we’re going out with a bang! WE’re on a mission to try some delicious Vietnamese street food and see one of the most epic views of the city from the Bitexco Tower 😍🇻🇳

Places we visited in this video:

Street food stall:

The Workshop Coffee:

Bitexco Tower:


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  1. Your travel videos are so refreshing! ! I was there in 1995 when Viet Nam barely opened its doors to the international community. There were old cars and old world charms (much like Cuba). The noodly topping you guys ate was actually pork & pork skin cooked in rice flower, and has a similar Thai style resemblance. Viet Nam’s cooking has mainly Chinese, French, and Thai style influences, with a few dishes that has the Burmese flavor profile (and surprisingly a popular dish that’s also similar to Persian food- i.e., “celery stew” except Vietnamese pickled cabbage, and a desert jelly dish called pomegranate jelly -coconut milk with water chestnuts made to look like pomegranates). Viet Nam was actually an old part of the trading post during the silk trade era (so perhaps), there’s a lot more influences to the cuisines. Even some dishes with a bit of French/Indian/ Vietnamese influence (curry and beef ragu). Traditional Vietnamese food is a fusion of a lot of umami flavors!

  2. The com tam is pronounced like "gum tum" tam = tum. Like Tums those stomachache pills. With a slight accent when you say "uhm".
    Your guys video popped up in my reccomended. So glad many are enjoying what VN has to offer and you two are so humble ^^

  3. I tuned in to get some travel ideas for Vietnam, but ended up just watching you 2 eating breakfast lunch and dinner.

  4. Com Tam really is delicious. Its a hodge podge of different foods, proteins, cut meat sausages or meat loafs, some veges. They usually give you soup which the locals take at the end of the meal. They say that is to "wash down" the food taken. I know its Vietnamese way. Usually, we take soups at the start of the meal. The Vietnamese take them at the end of the meal and it is usually in small portion but satisfying.

  5. Wish you both the best, love your videos. But I’ll pass on Vietnam, there is nothing amazing about Vietnam.
    I’ve been there. 1966 thru 1968.
    Made many friends, lost many friends.

  6. Some gigantic fat person probably say on that chair before u got there. Don't u pay before u eat so they can't charge u whatever they want ?

  7. Just seen your channel and even happier to see you’ve been to my home country Vietnam 🇻🇳. Hope you love & enjoy things there. Ae VN nào ở đây k:).

  8. the shredded strips are just pork rhines & the dipping sauce is diluted fish sauce with sugar, garlic, hot chili pepper…njoy!

  9. Awesome video review, enjoy watching your video clip, also subscribed to your channel….by the way, thanks for visiting VietNam 🙂

  10. LOL, these 2 are very sweet! Very funny, in the good sense, being that they have no idea about any of the food I grew up with. Great Video.

  11. Hello there, I'm going to Vietnam in Feb 2020! I love your vids, you 2 are so sweet! I wanna stay connected when I'm over there and my UK phone plan what's loads of money for data. Any advice ? I was thinking maybes getting a Sim card there. I was going to preload my Google maps … I hate being lost. What's your best advice

  12. You know this is pretty nice your explanation tells a lot of people about this country most of us only know from the war my brother-in-law my cousin at that point nothing nothing good was told about this country good on you mate


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