The New iPad Pro 2020 Reaction


Apple shows off the new iPad Pro 11 and iPad Pro 12.9 for 2020. That said, it appears the new Magic Keyboard accessory has captured more attention.

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  1. They actually did show it on the lap and it stood up straight, it didn’t fall back. It is in the “How to correctly use your laptop” video

  2. Hey, the world hasn't ended yet… You look really bothered by what is going on, don't worry things will get better!

  3. Would you recommend this for music production I wanna keep everything together and this seems like the switch I wanna make but I’m not sure.

  4. APPLE is marketing iPad as future computer since they released it, they repeat it that again and again every time when they made a new iPad, but the reality is iPad will never become a universal computer like normal laptop do, it just doesn't work as laptop.

  5. Sad to see unbox therapy degrading its content so much , it was my fav channel on YouTube not because of tech stuff but coz of weird unboxes and funny ethnic of lew but i guess he lost his charm afterall.


    I'm in the U.S. and have a OnePlus 6t on Verizon. After updating to the latest version of OxygenOS (version 10.3.2)(a few weeks ago), my phone will no longer receive MMS messages. After doing some research, It appears everyone with this update and on Verizon are experiencing the same issue. The messaging app you are using as your default does not seem to matter. No one with this problem knows weather OnePlus , Google, or Verizon are to blame and no company appears to have acknowledged it.

  7. This is the reason a lot of people are getting tired of Apple and IOS systems. No disrespect to nobody but these are the facts, First of all they recycled the iPhone six into the iPhone 9 that's supposed to be coming. The iPhone X to the iPhone 11 Pro have the antenna problem, it's not a software issue but it's a modem problem. They know that. They aren't bringing anything new to the table, everything they do is just for profit now, Nothing new. You guys know this, They are not caring about the consumer anymore. After Steve Jobs passed away, it's just been adding new cameras and some features on an old platform and making it a new iPhone. It's been the same screen since pretty much day one. That's my opinion on all of this. 🤮🤮🤮🤮

  8. It's really hard to decipher your need btwn stand one and portability. Function in regards to personal needs like downloading software in which some cases still come on CD's at some places. But how do decide for personal and work all in one is the real question. 🤔

  9. Do you know if we can use the ipad pro 2020 as a second screen for the ipad pro 2018 and vice versa, like with the macbook pro. Can we also use the new magic keyboard with our ipad pro 2018.

  10. Watching this on my 2008 Macbook and this keyboard is better than any of the new stuff. Apple doesn't make them like they used to. Also I have tons of ports, upgradable RAM and storage, and a replacable battery, BOOYAH

  11. Did you guys see the MOFT X for Phones? You made a video about their "invisible' laptop stand on Kickstarter. I would love if you checked this product out!

  12. Bulls Eyes – it’s a catch up business. As customers we have been begging Apple to provide mouse , because it impossible to work on spreadsheets without the bloody mouse. They kept saying , iPads don’t support mice!
    Always late


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