The Mystery of the Beast of Gévaudan (Cryptid Profile)


In this episode we investigate the strange and horrifying true story of how a mysterious “beast” terrorized the French countryside for years. Was a monster? Simply a wolf? Or something else? We will try to examine and breakdown what this “beast” might have been in this installment of cryptid profile with Trey the Explainer. Hope you enjoy.

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  1. It could be a hybrid between a big wolf and a hyena. and also i love your theory that monsters are a part of human psychology. except bigfoot. bigfoot's real.

  2. There actually WAS a film made about these events. Good or bad isn't clear, it's mostly a weird combination between action, dark thriler and epoque-style movie. It also was for a long the most expensive movie ever made in France.
    Name of the movie is "Le Pacte des Loups"

  3. One of the things I have noticed myself is that generally post wars, predatory fauna sometimes develop "man eating" tendencies. Like how tiger attacks allegedly skyrocketed after the Brits conquered India. Thus could be sensationalisation, scavenging behavior on available corpses, taking advantage of non normal prey items, and desperation from the conflict driving out existing food sources. Live stock were reported as being taken more often by tigers during the various wars for India (which were more like several campaigns against existing kingdoms that also had their own conflicts often leaving huge numbers of dead). I think that after 7 years of a particularly brutal war that some wolves in the region developed a taste for human flesh, as well as a return of more livestock also causing a growth explosion of local populations while also noting hat during the war anyone in france capable of firing a gun was usually on the front lines or more focused on combat.

    Another thing is the man eating lions of Africa, usually only pop up after sustained combat is over. When I went to Afghanistan, we heard that in some parts of the country where the fighting was really bad, striped hyenas and jackals would occasionally take people, and graves would be found dug up and remains strewn about.

    I do rember hearing about tiger attacks in Vietnam jumping up after the war really kicked off, and remember hearing about bears around gulags in Russia being prone to hunting lone people wandering around in the woods

  4. I recently read an interesting account that the "Beast", was, alongside the hyena, a human serial killer dressed as an animal. The interesting fact is that none of the victims were apparently men above age 16-odd, considering the attacks happened in the countryside where men older than 16 are common. The brutality of the attacks and the fact that they did not stop when the wolf was shot has led some to believe that there was a human element alongside a beastial element.

  5. I get your point where you think societal strees = Crytids. I don't doubt that may be the case some times. I personally know how fear and mystery can make you see stuff that aren't there.
    But that certainly is not the case all the time. You seriously neglect to recognize that people back then were dumb to our standards but not all that much. They knew what a big wolf looks like they lived next to woods filled with them for crying out loud.
    And to present day cryptids it is highly unlike everyone that sees a creature that is not identifiable means they just mistook it for a bear, owl or a wolf.
    Special on hunters or people that live in the middle of the woods. They woold see bears, wolf's, etc almost on a daily bases. I think they'd know how a bear or wolf looks like standing on two feet. I've seen one too. And most cases you can easily see it's a ormal animal just awkwardly trying to stand. I get how you want to think scientifically, I also always think logically too. But in some cases there is not logical answer. Thousands of people see creature they can't explain and if only 5% of those are genuine and truly are not scientifically recognized animals. That mean there is still a high chance some cryptids do exist. Like they say you have to see it to believe it.
    I'm just saying don't just laugh at people who claim they saw them. Give people for credit than that. They know what they saw.

  6. People still seem to have this sort of self-hypnosis self-deception kind of thing going on with Bigfoot and Dogman. As much as I would love to have those actual creatures exist, there appears to be no solid evidence. Especially with the case of dog man. There's literally a couple channels that put up videos constantly and Say the video is showing a dog man or dog men moving around in the bushes. The one lady constantly puts up videos of her backyard or whatever and it showing the tree line and she swears that she sees dog man all over the place.

  7. Awesome work! I just stumbled over you under my recommended leading from MostAmazingTop10. I’m wondering if any of the people in past centuries even knew how to paint/draw a real wolf. The ones in pictures you show have grossly exaggerated limbs and muzzles.


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