The best beach and sea food in Vietnam | Nha Trang


Camera 1: Canon 70D –
Lens 1: Canon EF-S 10-18mm f/4.5-5.6 IS STM –
Lens 2: Sigma f2.8 – 17-50 mm –
Microphone: Rode –

Camera 2: SJ Cam4000 –
Camera – Binwo 4K Underwater Action Camera –

Drone: DJI Phantom 3 –

Day 3 | The best beach and sea food in Vietnam | Nha Trang

I had an 8 days holiday in Vietnam, one of the best experiences I had in my life.

After 21 hour journey from England to Ho Chi Minh City, my Vietnamese adventure started. I have visited Cu Chi Tunels, Ho Chi Minh City, Nha Trang, Hanoi and Ha Long Bay.

I was fascinated by Ho Chi Minh’s modern city with skyscrapers, fast growing economy, westernised architecture, but in the same time finding its balance between the modern Vietnam and its authentic Vietnamese culture.

Hanoi, the most alive city I ever seen, smiley faces, authentic Vietnamese culture, street food and kind people. Amazing destinations, lakes, tourists, modern centres, old quarters, temples and many many other mind-blowing experiences.

Ha long bay, holding its 2000 islands, caves and beautiful beaches, the world’s number 1 destination in 2015.

Nha Trang, beautiful beaches, the best sea food you can have, amazing water sports and many Russian 

Cu Chi Tunels, Vietnams great history, experiencing the underground life and shooting with AK 47.

Enjoying talking with local Vietnamese people, attending couchsurfing events, meeting with Digital Nomads from USA, vloggers and brilliant entrepreneurs ( Riley Bennet, Abe Kim – a.k.a Yevato Oldboy )

Trying out all sort of street food, weird food, and unknown food: fish guts, chicken skin, chicken liver, chicken heart, shrimps, fish, hot pot, kimchi, bibimbap, eggs and many many others.

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  1. Lớp đặc biệt giáo viên bản xứ người mỹ và giáo viên Việt nam 12 tuần
    Học 2 buổi mỗi tuần
    Mỗi buổi học 1h15'
    Tổng cộng 12 tuần học 27 giờ
    Lớp chỉ từ 2 đến 10 học viên
    (6210000 đồng 3 tháng). Nha Trang city.
    Học phí bao gồm tài liệu và video. sms to join: 01699785780 re POST ok. Share.

  2. Beautiful nha trang beaches; thanks for video. My family and friends go to nha trang beaches often. But experience from the past; We never ever go to Nhatrang beaches from January to April again. Because of the jellyfish and urchins seasons from January tô April. Myself was stung by jellyfish more than 6 times when swimming on nha trang beaches during January to April( almost paralyzed and burning entire leg).
    Another years; 2 more times I stepped on sea urchins( how it was terrible painful for days). Some of my family members and friends had similar to me also.
    Go to nha trang beach from May to December of year is good. Only stay away from nha trang beaches eggs hacking seasons From January to April of year

  3. Great vid! Congratulations
    please, check that:

    Trong năm 2012, một nhóm những người lướt ván diều quốc tế đã thực hiện chuyến lướt ván trong suốt 3 tháng qua vùng Đông Nam Á, thật tình cờ,chuyến đi đã kết thúc ở một nơi không xuất hiện trong các tìm kiếm của Google khi bạn liên quan đến các từ kitesurfing, gió và Vietnam.

    Fantastic kitespot in Vietnam with shallow water and also a nice wavespot
    Plenty free space, and, of course, free of unnecessary kiters traffic 🙂
    Vung Tau, a great kite destination in Vietnam awaiting for you

  4. 3:58
    How strange………my cousin sent me a picture of him in the exact outfit as the boy walking with the yellow pants and neon shirt at that area.

  5. nice video…:D can you visit Da Nang and take a video…i thinks Da Nang city is very beautiful too . thank for your video .:3

  6. I've bee to Vietnam 3 times but never visited nha trang, and planning a trip there in 2 months to meet a friend. Looks a lot cleaner and cooler than HCM and much less traffic. if you don't mind me asking …how much was a nights stay at the green hotel, looks very nice. thx

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    Vietnamese lesson 1 (Northern accent):
    Vietnamese lesson 1 (Southern accent):


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