The beach, baby!! Dan and Chelle spend the day in Nice, France enjoying what the beaches have to offer! They spend time sunbathing out under the sun and taking some photos on the pebbles at the shore. They hike up Castle Hill in the evening to take in the beautiful view of Nice during sunset. What an incredible town!



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  1. Next time when you go on a trip, carry bungee cords…It has hooks on both the side which helps you to hang the rope anywhere…you can put your wet clothes on it to dry rather than hanging it in your balcony😅😅lots of love from India❤️

  2. I'm surprised you were able to lay out in beach attire for so long as it seems everyone around you was wearing long pants and long sleeved shirts – the person beside you even had a blanket (or towel) over them! Was it uncomfortable lying on the pebbles? Do you think you could have done that for an afternoon or would you want the chair? What a gorgeous sunset!! And, you "ain't nobody" when YouTube calls you out for "Creator on the Rise!" Ooooooh… Austria!! Book it!! 😅

  3. Wanna bet that chick who was taking your picture thought that you were Tim MCGraw and Faith Hill? I’d bet anything that was it! Having the best time following you to all these places ! Love ya 🧔🏻👱🏻‍♀️💕

  4. Plus Casino Royale! Take the land train around the city – u go on the famous Monaco Grand Prix race track in parts!

  5. ahhh so cool you're in my home town!!!! I hope you appreciated Nice 🙂 Love your chanel more and more and I definitively respect your talent to take picture.

  6. Your videos and photos are AMAZING thank you for showing so much of your trip (places i would of loved to have gone to) and i love how you are minimalist with your travelling gear that back pack would last me 4 days!! Keep vlogging you are such a gorgeous couple

  7. What a wonderful way to start your day , sleeping in on vacation. (Loved watching Brandon and family (break into your house) to sit on the couch. ) beautiful beach, too bad the water was too cold.

  8. this may just be my food-oriented brain haha but the background music sounds like it’s saying “meatball” 🤣

  9. I can’t wait to see tomorrow’s video where you guys go check out Monaco! Have an amazing time! 💕🙏🏼😘

  10. France has the best pastries and cheeses. Italy has the best pizza and pasta, not to mention ice cream. When you get to Italy you will have to get a cornetto- it's an icecream filled croissant. Nice looks beautiful.

  11. Bar none France has the best pastry🥐🥖 and Salmon🐟 . But Italy has the best pasta and pizza🍝🍕 . FYI to me u are Hollywood celebrity and adorable as a couple 💕💕

  12. Sometimes a change of plans works out for the best!! You guys finally got to stop and actually relax and have a lazy day!!!!!! Thank you so much for taking us all with you on your trip!!!!!!! Love, Love, Love all the posts and pictures!!!!! Oh what kind of salad was that Chelle had that the Hard Rock???? It looked amazing and so did Dan's seafood pasta MMMMMMM. Cant wait till tomorrow post!!!!!!!!


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