Superheroes without special effects look super silly


The power of visual effects continues to allow film makers to push their visions of what superheros are capable of doing but what happens when you take that away?

Superhero films and series are rife with incredible action scenes, and everybody gets in on the fun. Of course, for these scenes, the majority of the fighting sequences are loaded with CGI — we can’t actually have Thor or Hulk destroy half of New York City. Also, Thor and Hulk don’t actually exist. That we know of.

But take out the CGI from the equation and you’ve still got, well, something entertaining — just not in the way Marvel or DC would of wanted.



  1. 0:06

    Saitama: “Woah. When I was just a kid, I used to use that move all the time.”

  2. I got 11 seconds in, then the cringe got too bad. I don't think I'd be able to act in such a movie.
    It would be a herculean task not to break down and laugh every several minutes.
    There's too much CGI, you don't see what you're supposed to achieve or react to. It's RIDICULOUS.
    It's all a computerized illusion. Well, thanks for that. I think I'm cured of watching capeshit unironically for a good long while.

  3. The superhero “one liners” before attacking the enemy are honestly more silly/cringe to me than the powers without effects. Always wondered why the enemies never attacked in those moments 🤔


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