Sony A7iii BLACKFRIDAY Deal | B&H Photo | Unboxing


Here’s a look at what I got with my recent purchase from B&H Photo. I bought this kit on Black Friday and I’m really happy with it. Especially the bag, its totally my style and its got like a billion compartments!

Here’s the camera case I talked about in the video

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  1. wow great and awesome video So I like this very much. The really interesting video. Thanks for sharing this video. Thanks again

  2. I also purchased a Sony camera from B&H on Black Friday. Is it normal that the box arrives unsealed? Mine didn’t have a seal of any sort and I’m freaking out over the possibility that i just got sent an open box item!

  3. I love unboxing videos, the camera looks mirrorless and i really like that, the bag is so stylish so I would get the bag even if i couldn't afford the camera. I can't wait to watch you try out the camera! I will tune in to the next video.

  4. The editing and music selection during the unboxing sequence were unique. Looks like a solid camera, especially at that price point.

  5. It sounds like you got an amazing camera and bag for a great price. I'm considering buying a camera myself. I'll have to check this deal out!

  6. Your new camera is really cool! And I loved the bag that came with it…$170 on its own? wow pretty pricey! It looks like you got such great deals at B&H this past weekend! Hope you enjoy all the new toys and you'll shoot some excellent wedding videos with the new Sony camera!

  7. congratulations on finally receiving the camera you were really excited about , it's been quite an adventure since the gift card redemption from BH photo , ordering and unboxing .

  8. That slow mode when unboxing… got me all needy, haha! Great review, mate, thanks so much for sharing. I love these deals!!

  9. Didn't get my A7iii this year, but thanks to the saving method you used in your other video I'll be ready to buy mine in no time come the new year. Thanks for sharing your unboxing, the camera looks incredible I can't wait to get one!

  10. Wow, the A7iii is beautiful. It's such an amazing camera, I love the 4K HDR3 4 movie recording capability. That bag looks really cool too.

  11. SIGH i'M JEALOUS!!!! i really wanted to by another lens from them this Thanksgiving, but I had other stuff I have to take care of first. Enjoy!

  12. Hey Jose, great video and awesome review! Seems like you found some good deals on Black Friday 🙂 The bag looks so stylish, I might actually consider checking this deal out.


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