SMASH-A-THON with Guts' Golden Age Sword | BERSERK


This is Guts Golden Age sword from the Golden Age Arc in the anime and manga Berserk, prior to acquiring his famous Dragonslayer sword. The sword ended up at 84″/213cm long and weighed 40.2lbs/18.2kg. Many pieces of free Craigslist furniture gave their lives for our entertainment.

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  1. Questions if you don't mind…

    *Do People sometimes Pay You to make all these Crazy Weapons? Like Cosplayers and Fantasy weapon Collectors?

    *Your Favourite Metal Subgenre is Slam Metal?

    *I was looking for my wooden table. Did you see it by any chance?

  2. Historically speaking welded on handles have been used as long as the first steel blade appeared. Anyone that knows anything about welding knows as long as you have decent penetration a weld is always stronger than the surrounding material. I hope one day to own one of your creations.

  3. Thanks for including the cm and kg~!
    Pretty impressive, loved how a chunk of wood was spinning in the air as it was projected from the impact.

  4. Only problem I see with alot of the swords is round handles so they always twist to easy and can keep blade alined besides that love it


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