Singapore extends COVID-19 circuit breaker period until June 1


Singapore’s COVID-19 circuit breaker period has been extended by about a month to June 1, as the country continues to grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic. Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong announced the extension of the strict safe distancing measures in a televised address. Existing measures will also be tightened — more workplaces will be shut with only the most essential services to remain open. Meanwhile, entry to “hotspots” like wet markets will also be restricted.

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  1. Government should also give fine to people who are going to the parks with their family members! There are people are out with family members to go sightseeing to different parks which is far away from their home!

  2. Just saying: circuit breaker increased the number of cases exponentially. Maybe you should go back to what you were doing before the circuit breaker

  3. If initially
    there are at least 5 Safe Distancing Officers per HDB flat
    who remind wearing masks and so on
    Then the situation will not be so bad
    If there's a Shopping Appointment system app then
    There will be lesser people at each supermarket
    Why queue 1hr to get your groceries?
    Get an appointment to save time and effort of waiting in the queue

    Employment of more SDOs create income and constructive work
    plus arresting non compliance of Safe Distancing

    Isn't win win situation good?

  4. We only have ~11,300 Acute Hospital beds. Yet, we have crossed 10K COVID infected persons by 22 April 2020. With five dengue deaths so in 2020, we expect to exceed 16,000 dengue patients in 2020 as we enter the warmer months ahead.

    Hmmm… I was just wondering if we might not already have had "The Rhodesia Solution" deployed.

    Statecraft, Legasov. Statecraft.

  5. Given grace period will allow the public to gather and queue again…which is what we do not want to have… Transportation is one of the essential services that health care workers need to get them to work everyday unless we don’t need the drs and nurses at the hospital?

  6. It is getting worse than expected… Soon sg citizens will be like caveman and cavewomen and many will short circuit soon especially many of our old folks… Pity our malay friends as their raya will be impacted by this… Plus we don't know what else they we know who will add anymore new rules… Worst Crisis here ever 2020… If they extend again, most of us might go short circuit or eat grass soon…

  7. My one and only question is when will Singapore open the border for short-term travelers to TRANSIT at Changi Airport? I really want to help to stop this pandemic but i also want to go home. I am mentally sick.

  8. When the PAP fails, Singaporeans have to suffer the consequences. No job, no income, no freedom, no social interaction etc. Do you really want such a lousy party to run for another 5 years and have them tax you 9% GST? Do not vote for the PAP.

  9. With hindsight, the government is to blame for making three major, major mistakes: 1. Advising people not to wear masks, against common sense 2. No pre-emptive actions regarding the dorms. (Anticipating and addressing problems pre-emptively is the role of leaders. Decisive leaders, like Lee Kuan Yew, act fast and with pragmatic sense). 3. Putting lightweights in charge of the task force–without one clearly designated leader. They should have put Khaw Boon Wan in charge.
    After this crisis, the G3 and G2 must seriously reevaluate the performance of individual G4 leaders. Those previously anointed may have to have the oil rubbed off.

  10. If it falls below 30, it will be beneficial for the public to know these locally infected cases where they went, their activities and their mode of transport for the past week as well.

  11. We must be grateful to government handling the pandemic. Transparent and sincere. Salute to the government of Singapore.

  12. I'm not accepting this. My body, my choice whether I can return to work or go outside or do anything whatever. And to be blunt, I rather get Covid and maybe even die from it rather than being cooped up in a home prison for 2 months. G, you owe us all an apology and return what is worth 2 wasted months, it's a beyond downright inhumane move.

  13. Lawrence Wong: the best way to beat the virus, is to stay at home!

    No Mr. Wong, the best way to beat the virus is to be healthy!!!!

    Healthy food, exercise, no stress, no fear!!!

    Not something that the SG government is helping with!

  14. Wish Donnald Trump is our Leader in this time of crisis…. Trump is a genius and he is right that lockdown is unnecessary and insists the economy must be opened…. How I wish our ministers have same mentality as Trump cos he is actually saving more lives and livelihood during this overblown crisis… Salute and respect Trump.

  15. Singapore ministers wonder why you all so hard to stay home. Why leave house Ask your helper can? Why No wifi hifi big tv air cond etc to enjoy? Why need to worry about bills? No one million dollars in your bank account meh? I also don’t understand

  16. In Singapore Pvt LTD there are many industries which charge monthly membership fees esp for example in gym, yoga studios, barber shops, spa centres and etc.
    Many of these places are still charging on people's bank account continuesly while providing no services at all.
    Govt is also providing help to these industries via rent cuts and tax cuts, providing business subsidies using taxpayers money. This loophole of aholes must stop so it stop the spread of wasting taxpayers and hard earned money of every individual in this hard time..

  17. Be careful of US CDC approved test kits of which there are instances of test kits TAINTED with the virus especially with the older version.

  18. Translated… Hospitals not enough, health care manpower not enough, got more cases, community spreading not disclosed, covidtesting kit not suffice to cope, we have to do this to avoid state emergency

  19. Unfortunately, half measures, (a semi Lockdown… ) not hard and fast enough, are likely to be less effective. . . longer pain.

    Let's be pragmatic… using the last digit of IC no. to control human traffic in wet markets is impractical ( Oh… may be somebody mixed up human traffic with vehicle/car traffic. Some countries or cities , e.g Delhi use odd and even vehicle registration no. to reduce heavy traffic on the roads).

  20. It's very very hard to make a decision that will effect millions of lives. Whatever decision he/they make will be questioned by a lot of people who doesn't have to make that decision. It will be deem as wrong or right as hindsight. Most probably, PM Lee and task force having sleepless night thinking how to handle and overcome this pandemic. Some people are risking their lives in handling this pandemic. We as Singaporean should be appreciative and be grateful for their efforts and their sacrifice. PM lee and the task force looks tired and they are the ones that we can see. What about those that doing their work tirelessly behind the scene. Talk is cheap, doing is hard and making decision is much much harder.

  21. I can guarantee people will go crazy for staying indoor 7 days a week for 8 weeks straight. Treating people like dogs lock in cages

  22. Jeez. Singapore STILL stinges on testing. Should have tested all dormitories by now, instead of initially testing those who are sick.
    To have daily single digit in infection seems a bit far fetch and not achievable. A different strategy should be adopted, tightening and loosening and tightening system should be adopted.
    Long term isolation is not a sustainable model.
    Should have increase
    1) intensive beds capacity by 10 to 20 times or even more
    2) fast track medical staff training
    3) retool certain sectors to combat or supplement this virus
    4) relook at certain sectors of the economy for reopening if possible instead of blanket closure
    5) for the old and vulnerable, especially the old nursing home, spexial care, measures and administration need to be taken
    6) test test and test. Fo for those that are able to show results within minutes
    7) get a second opinion instead of the current health ministry advice or so call experts advice. They had been wrong most of the time, looking back

  23. The govt banned all hairdressers and barber to be shut at instant notice. Shouldn't the govt should give some grace period for those who need a haircut????? I don't think it is right to just banned straight away. Why don't they just banned all of them from taking public transport????


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