SIGMA 56MM 1.4 REVIEW // The BEST Portrait Lens for Sony E & MFT?!


SIGMA 56MM 1.4 REVIEW – Could this be the BEST Portrait Lens For Sony APS-C and MFT?! Should you buy this lens? Watch this before you do and see what this tiny bokeh master is capable of!

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Sigma 56mm F1.4 MFT Mount – *link coming soon*

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  1. Excellent use of my catchphrase. I want people to start doing that when I walk into a room. 😜👌
    Great job, Dunna. Loved the pace of this video. I laughed out loud at "What's up, YouTube Squad Fam…" Really enjoyed this collab! 😃

  2. Hey, how did you edit the first picture (one with a tensed guy and laptop)? It was dope 🔥

  3. I just got a Sony a6000 as a gift where do I start I have always been Interested in photography and I want to do street photography and some portraits like weddings and such. Thanks for any help…..

  4. Only in canada you can see people use christmas and noel near to each other. Im not even surprised if they use french and english interchangebly. 😂

  5. Noob question, this VS say a 30mm sigma but with the 30mm taken at a closer distance? Basically you shoot nearer for the 30mm so that the subject is about the same size (like a person). What is the difference? I'm new, sorry

  6. Hey dunna, I've heared this lense has some weird rainbow effet when recording with certain angles. Was wondering if that has happened to you!

  7. Dude, you're like a machine with engagement. That outro is the best I've seen on any YouTube channel. Get a like, get a comment, and sign 'em up for more. Hehehe.

  8. the sigma trio is a perfect match, yet if the price of the latest Sony 16-55, f2.8 was any lower, it would be a better call~

  9. Im visiting abandoned places and also do a lot of street photography,crowds and concerts.

    What lense from the sigma trio would you recommend?

  10. can u please tell me about auto focusing? i mean which of all these three sigmas has best autofocus and which one has the worst? please reply

  11. I am going to get this lens for weddings, using A6300 with crane 2 already have the 18-35F1.8 What do you suggest?

  12. Bro…I have 18-105 (only for zoom and videos) and sigma 16mm. I used 16mm for everything like landscapes, family pics, street photography, indoor photography etc; I m super pleased with it. Now can you educate me if 30mm makes any difference? Do you think 16mm is for landscapes only and for rest of the situations 30mm is more preferable? I am thinking to add 56mm for my 16mm to complete my collection for all kind of photography skipping 30mm….with little planning I can afford 30 and 56 both in few months time but don’t want to throw away money for something that is not useful….plz suggest

  13. It's definitely more practical shooting portraits with a 56mm on APS-C, but of course it's the optical qualities portrait photographers are after using an 85mm (and you'll only get that with an 85mm regardless of the camera). Rather than standing a mile away, I'm still more inclined to shoot portraits with a 56mm on an APS-C, and that f1.4 makes up for what little you might lose not shooting a longer focal length with a 1.8 or 2.8. I've been pondering replacing my long since sold 85mm 1.8 with this 56 if I don't move everything to full frame

  14. I actually have to go exchange mine for a new one. I guess I got a lemon? I recently shot around 30k photos in a few days at WBFF Worlds, and while shooting my camera kept losing the connection to the lens. I thought maybe it was a contact issue so I cleaned everything. Still happened. I tried 4 other lenses, including Sony and non natives, and didn't have this problem.

    That problem aside, this lens is fantastic and takes tack fucking sharp images


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