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When I was in Saigon, one day I met up with Kyle LeDotNet ( a local vlogger and blogger, for a day of cruising around and eating. We started at one of the most famous restaurants in the city, Bánh Xèo 46A to eat the Vietnamese crepe known as banh xeo. The southern Vietnamese version, as I’m told, is large than other versions around the country, and we ordered their specialities – a huge savory crepe, packed full of pork belly and shrimp and bean sprouts, then folded over and served with a pile of fresh leafy vegetables and Vietnamese sweet fish sauce to dip. It was my first tiem to eat Vietnamese banh xeo, and it was pretty tasty.

After the banh xeo, continuing on our Saigon food tour adventures, we then caught a taxi to Bánh Cuốn Hải Nam, a restaurant in the city known for serving Vietnamese banh cuon – like thin rice pancakes filled with a savory filling and rolled, and again, served with the signature sweet Vietnamese fish sauce. I’m a huge lover of banh cuon, and I loved them even before going to Saigon this trip, so I really enjoyed these. The outer wrapping was soft and silly, and the filling was meaty and salty, and you can’t forget about that sweet salty fish sauce, to which I added some chili as well – it was delicious.

After two quick meals we headed to a Saigon restaurant called Bình Xuyên 2, sort of an entretainment restaurant in the city – like a full amusement restaurant. People come to this type of restaurant to relax, to spend time with the family, and to feast, and that was the reason we came. The first dish we ordered was a deep fried giant gourami fish (cá tai tượng chiên xù), covered in its own scales and topped with peanuts and shallots. The fish was served along with Vietnamese rice paper, rice vermicelli noodles, and lots of herbs and fresh vegetables, and finally a fermented fish dipping sauce. The combination was incredibly good – it was easily my favorite dish of this Saigon food tour. Next we also ordered a flaming hot pan of pig intestines (dồi trường), seasoned with lime juice and tossed with herbs and vegetables. Again it was delicious and served on a huge flaming hot platter. Our final dish of the meal at Bình Xuyên 2 restaurant was cơm cháy, kind of a burnt rice. It was good and smokey and crispy all at the same time.

After our delicious early dinner, we continued on to walk around an area of Saigon known as Phu My Hung, and then proceeded on to Notre Dame cathedral in the heart of the city to experience the snacking culture around there. I had eaten it already a couple of times, but while at Notre Dame, I had a snack called banh trang trung, a piece of Vietnamese rice paper, topped with meat and a quail egg, then roasted over fire.

Our final stop was at Kem Nhãn Chú Tám, a legendary Saigon ice cream street where the two shops, right next to each other, fight for business – it was an intense and quite an enjoyable ice cream food adventures.

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  1. Oh please…you and your wife stay in se Asia…but get yourself checked for Graves’ disease….your big eyes….

  2. Seems like the place hasn't changed much since my last visit in the 70s. I really miss Saigon :-(, the food is very distinct

  3. kyle ,kyle , please dont disturb , mark , just give him the food tour . convey selamat to our vietnamese freind van hai .

  4. The cost of that portion of banh cuon was very high, even now 2020, there are many vendors offer more affordable price. And I guess that eatery has at least increased their price up to 50%.

  5. I literally only watch you! Your expressions and how you describe everything….
    You’re the best food / travel blogger YouTube has ever seen!!!

  6. Thank God I've found a vlog that very simple, informative and enjoyable. Keep it up, Mark! I hope you return to the Philippines and treat you street food and authentic restaurant!

  7. Does everything you taste is the best ever until you taste the next dish. To me these food you try is just food. Nothing heavenly. You have a bit of an exaggeration habit.

  8. I visited Saigon two years ago and stayed at pullman center. I was fall in love with this city deeply. Now I'm missing the delicious food that I had had then. I hope I had a second chance to visit it again soon.

  9. Mark Wiens , hope you  come to Yulin town . Yulin town has famous dog meat . Sure you will have a very good time .

  10. Thank you very much for the video Mark.

  11. Great video, food in Saigon is tasty, right? Thanks for make video about my city. Hope you come here again and enjoy amazing things

  12. Love the look you have on your face when you eat something delicious. Makes me laugh everytime!
    Enjoying your Thai and Vietnameses food tours. I am from Vietnam but have not been back there in years.

  13. At first you were a hobbyist and now you are a business man of advertisement .The difference between this and that, You were natural in your taste and
    today you cheats that the food is delicious

  14. Do you have a clue how the food actually tastes? All that chili on everything you eat blocks all the real flavor of the food.


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