Russia Investigation Narrows Focus On Facebook | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC


Facebook says it will cooperate with the investigation. Bloomberg Businessweek’s Max Chafkin breaks it down with Stephanie Ruhle.
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Russia Investigation Narrows Focus On Facebook | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC


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  1. What amazes me the most is how easily people are manipulated and deceived. The lacking of actual knowledge is astonishing. I can assure you while Trump is office there will be no regulations against social media 'news.'

  2. Please stop using the term 'fake news'.  Propaganda, fluff, using up empty air, out and out lie, or an unpalatable truth all have meaning.  Right now most people use 'fake news' to mean something they don't want to hear.

  3. They've been narrowing the focus of the investigation for a long time, it must be the size of a pinhead by now !!!!

  4. Clinton did not have more money than Putin. Putin's net worth has been pegged at 85 billion. And the value of the oil he is seeking to have sanctions removed for, is in the neighbourhood of half a trillion.

  5. MSnbc shooting against Facebook, go figure. Hooray, more Internet censorship, because Russia! It's not like the US have ever gone to war over freedom of business…

  6. Hamilton 68
    Tracking Russian influence operations on Twitter

  7. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. Blah blah blah. . . Getting real tired of the constant TRUMP farce coming out of America for the last 8-9 months. Sadly, it isnt even funny anymore.

  8. What?? More regulations needed?
    I thought we were going to be getting rid of regulations. Isn't that what this administration campaigned on? Less regulation so that companies can be unencumbered to be more profitable. What a joke this whole situation is.

  9. Can America stop debating and start saving democracy. You guys can debate all day all year, but please keep Russia dirty games out. America is a vibrant democracy. World can't afford loosing faith on democracy.

  10. This is a silly story. She is advocating the regulation of Facebook. Why not Craigslist? Why not the National Enquirer? Why not every media organization? Yes, lets regulate all the propaganda on Fox!

  11. Clinton had more money. Trump had Putin and all of his Money and resources. Trump let his fragile ego allow himself to get manipulated by a real professional manipulater PUTIN. Trump wanted to WIN , evidently selling out his soul along with our Democracy and Constitution was worth the PRIZE of being in the white house.

    I pray that Mueller and the FBI take their time and get EVERYONE involved in Russia involment. as well as the conspirators that has tried to cover this up. ie Devon Nunes for starters.

  12. As if Facebook didn't know. They just hoped noone else would find it. Come on. They knew way back. It's software trust me, it's all metrics and has tons of surveillance, not just for ads.

  13. She's totally Fox news style. She's just parroting, she doesn't understand what she's saying you can tell. Hire brains not looks MSNBC.

  14. America needs to do as Australia does: every citizen in Australia is obliged to vote. It is a civic duty and not just a civic right that you can choose not to exercise. If everyone HAS to vote, then that should take care of some of the voter suppression efforts.

  15. I'm sorry, did she just throw out "the banking industry is highly regulated" as if that's a given we can all agree with?


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