Replacing a Bay Window With KC


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  1. The bricks are Accrington nori which is iron backwards whinny hill was a big hill where thing were extracted from it then rubbish was thrown into it to fill it back in

  2. Great to watch this you look like real professionals. My dad was a joiner/builder for 45 years he specialised in upvc for many years. Bury/Manchester area. You may even find some of his windows he always used to put his name on the sides of the frames and usually the dates installed. P spencer. Keep an eye out.
    I used to work with him regularly and had some great times even though we could wind each other up at times. He was a true master of his trade and I have learnt so much of him. Unfortunately he passed away in September aged 64.
    Really miss knowing I cant just ring him up for advice.
    Good luck to you and your dad.

  3. On 6.34 , In the right casement and upper bead sealant gray !
    Do not order !
    В правой створке и верхний штапик уплотнител серый !

  4. I reckon that’s a trick spirit level where the bubble never moves 😜. Great vid guys, well chuffed I found your channel 👍🏻

  5. Great to see a father and son outfit, where the son tries to keep the old man on his toes but really, the old man is always one step ahead! hahaha great vid lads!

  6. Good editing skills on the video stu👍👍👍. Proper working. As for the puppet show stick to fitting windows….no offence 😀😀

  7. Ideally, you should of had a spigot post support within the corner of the window frame, pal. However, we’ll be all dead before it’s noticed in years to come.

  8. Whinny hill is the place in accrington that makes bricks famous for nori bricks…. I live on the estate 2mins round the corner, I duno if it's a local wise tale but people say that nori bricks were used in the empire state building (not 100% if that's true like ) but rumour has it in these parts 😂

  9. Good, video I'm talking the same bay window set out next year, then bricking up the return and fitting bi-fold doors . Should be fun.

  10. Accrington brick or as it’s known in the trade “bastard brick” lol. Used in the foundations of Empire State Building, no less. 👍🏻


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