Recommended lenses for sony a6500, a6300, & a6000 (e-mount)


Putting together a lens kit for Sony E Mount? (a6500, a6300, a6000) You NEED these lenses!!

When putting together a set of recommended lenses for Sony a6500, a6300, & a6000 cameras, I had to think about lenses that didn’t cost a fortune, worked well together, and had great quality!

– Think about the basics that you’ll need for a second –

To start, you want a lens that is a decent all around zoom lens, some wide shots, to a bit of telephoto. This is where the sony 18-105 f4 G lens comes in. Reasonably sharp and extremely versatile, this is the lens that stays on my camera in case I need to pull it out of the bag and get the shot NOW!

😁 SONY 18-105 F4 –

▶︎ A cheaper alternative would be to use the kit lens… its great!

Next on the list for me would definitely be a wide angle prime with a nice wide aperture! Enter the Sigma 16mm f1.4 dc dn e mount lens. THIS LENS IS INCREDIBLE. 16 mm is perfectly wide for vlogging or landscape and architecture. The f1.4 aperture makes this lens amazing in low light and for creamy bokeh. I actually have nothing bad to say about this lens. And that minimum focusing distance 😍

😁 SIGMA 16mm F1.4 –

▶︎ Possible alternatives for this are the Sigma 19mm f2.8 or the Sony 16mm f2.8.

Finally, for a great range of run and gun shooting, with the ability to take killer portraits as well, I recommend the Sigma 30mm f1.4 dc dn e mount lens. With a full frame equivalent of 45mm field of view, this lens is great for street photography and the f1.4 can still give you amazing separation when shooting portraits. If you could only put one prime lens on your sony e mount camera, this might be the one.

😁 SIGMA 30mm F1.4 –

▶︎ For something a bit cheaper, go with the Sony 50mm f1.8. It’s not quite as fast, and a bit cropped in on the aps-c sensor but Its a great portrait lens!

Comment below and let me know if you have any questions!


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  1. I loved the way you explained the lenses, great job. I have a Sony a6500 with 18-105 zoom and love it so far (still learning). I cannot afford to buy both lenses right now, but could use some guidance as to which one I should buy first the 16mm or the 30mm (Sigma). I am planning to do a lot of close up video shoot and B-roll shooting for my projects. Any suggestion or advise would be greatly appreciated.


  2. let’s say I decided to go Sony… do you think going a6400 (no IBIS)with the 10-18mm wide lens since that has the stabilization… or go with the 6600 and get the 16mm since the 6600 has IBIS … both come out to same price… 6600 doesn’t have a flash though.. is that important? But I do like the f1.4 for it

  3. What affordable adaptor would you recommend for canon 50mm f/1.8 STM LENSE to a sony E (Camera: sony Alpha63000) ?? The lens itself is coming for $100 + and the cheapest adaptor i've found is the sigma mount around $165… i'm researching but it's a bit overwhelming what other mounts are out there at better prices but deliver the job.
    also, the purpose I wanted it was to take portraits ( which multiple review said it is great for) but also for videos, would this work? and if so, only manual form?

  4. hi bro, I would like to ask if you would do a video on the Sony A7R with some of the latest lenses? will it be possible? like on the Sony 85mm 1.8?

  5. I like your videos Very honest review 👍✌️ I thinking going to buy a6400 And leave my SL2 in the closet 😁and buy 19mm sigma 👍

  6. Thank you for your honest review. I am about to get the A6600 but I don't know which lens is the best for what I need. This video helped me a lot. Subscribed.

  7. Hi dunna,
    I have a problem with my a6500, while am shutting in autofocus there is a noise sound came up !!
    What i have to do help please

  8. Why not the Sony 35mm f1.8 instead of the Sigma? Yeah, it's only 1.8, but a little less wide, and more importantly has OSS and a native Sony lens. And only like 10-15% pricier.

    I only have the 16-50 kit lens, which is pretty mehh…trying to build my kit, but sony lenses are so bloody expensive 🙁
    Because I wanna shoot videos too, and some portraits and travel (city, buildings, street, some landscape too), I think I'll go with the 18-105 for video mostly (OSS, zoom lens) with maybe some street photos too first. Then I'll go for the Sony 35mm for portrait and video (opening shots or when I need an "almost wide" lens). Then I'll go broke, but need/want two more lens, so I'll go for the Sigma 16 to have a fast wide lens for landscape/city photos and then depending on how scared I'm of MF a Samyang 85mm f1.4 around 280eur or a Sony 85mm f1.8 for 500 eur (portrait mostly)…I think I'm gonna learn how to MF correctly 😀

  9. What would be an ideal set up for an interview situation like shooting a documentary, assuming you are using two cameras: One with a larger lens for a closer zoomed and one with a shorter one. Furthermore, I've seen documentary directors (guerilla style or just doing PSA kind of stuff) using two a6500's in 4k. They switch out the batteries to keep it cool.
    Are the a6500's more conducive to interviews or documentary ground work? I was thinking of getting an a6400 and an a6500 for the set up, using the former for the wider shot. Also conversely or on the other side of the token, what would be an ideal lens for product showcasing like close ups of a watch or a gadget of some sort. Also I've heard someone say they shoot only 1080 on a gimbal, never 4k or lean towards not. I wonder why. TY btw.

  10. If I want to shoot some stage shooting video (like dance performance) from 10-meter distance which combinations are good?
    1A6500+ Sigma 16mm/1.4
    1A6500+ Sigma 30mm/1.4
    I have to plant buy lens for A6500

  11. Real quality here mate – appreciate it! I am a greenhorn with my A6300 and with lens' and cameras in general so appreciate the content.
    Curious as to which of these have decent image stabilization inbuilt. It has been a real struggle with full zoom on the kit 18-105mm!
    Cheers from Aus

  12. Hey man.I still not decided.sigma 16 mm on s6500 or a6400. Almost only for video (landscape)and most of the time on dji Ronin Sc.I can not find the answer.

  13. Just got my 50mm lens 1.8 after the kitlens thanks to this taking portraits just hoping sony would make like a 16-200mm zoom lens with 1.4af lol..hate the fact that i have to adjust my distance from the model to get a perfect shot

  14. I ordered a sigma 16mm 1.4 lens for an unholy amount thru Amazon prime a few days ago… something happened during shipping and it was marked undeliverable because of shipping mistake… I got full refund and re ordered the lens from amazon again… yesterday i get a knock at the door and I got two lenses in the mail for some reason 🔥😅😅😅🔥🔥🔥💯 I messaged amazon about it they told me I could keep them both 😅🔥🔥😅 #Free800dollars

  15. Thanks ! That was useful. I'm kind doubtful about switching from nikon to Sony now. Doubtful about getting a 6xxx or a 7iii. The lenses looks more affordable with a APS-C.

  16. I have been thinking to buy Sony a6400 with kit 16-55m and 50mm f 1.8, I'm on a budget so can please suggest a lens which can be better than 50mm?

  17. Is it advisable to just get the 30mm sigma over the 16 if I’m finicky about the size/weight. And just compensate the distance by backing up? 😂


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