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This is a simple password cracker for WinRAR archives create using only notepad with which you can crack/hack numeric passwords. The method works only on rar files and is able to crack numeric passwords only. You should have WinRAR installed to make this password cracker.

Using Windows batch script and the WinRAR command line tool, we are going to brute force the archive password.

cracker text link

Step 1: Make a new folder and name it RARCrack.

Step 2: Open notepad and paste the code given below.

Step 3: Save the code as RARCrack.bat into the folder you created in step 1.

Step 4: Last of all browse to the directory where WinRAR is installed. Usually this will be C:Program FilesWinRAR. Find a file named UnRAR.exe and copy it into the folder created in Step 1

Step 5: Start using the password cracker! (Open the batch file)

Remeber to keep the both the batch file and UnRAR.exe in the same folder. Or else the program won’t work.

Don’t rename the UnRAR.exe.

This password cracker can crack only numeric passwords.

This password cracker cannot crack passwords starting with 0 (zero).

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