Pokemon 101: Baton Pass


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  1. i put baton pass on my scyther originally because i have to switch him out a lot since his coverage isn't the best, so having baton stops me wasting a ton of SD boosts throughout a game. but i find myself baton passing without boosts just as often. imo the ability to pass SDs is worth losing the damage i would be able to deal with u-turn since if i'm switching out it probably means i wouldn't do much damage anyway.

  2. I wish you'd touch on the stats and the status changes, cause I am still confused about Baton Pass and how it actually works. I considered getting it for my Umbreon, considering how big of a deal Baton Pass actually is described to be, but instead I am considering to get it for Espeon atm.
    So I'm unsure on how I want to level them and such, considering you get different moves depending on the level you level them on. Any tips?
    I play on Crystal btw.

  3. There's a certain number of pokemon that can learn it naturally and by breeding. Eevee is one such pokemon. You have to level up Eevee before evolving it into a Espeon if you want it to have it. Mr. Mime, Ninjask and Gorepyss are also notable natural learners of Baton Pass.

  4. very nice instructional commentary dialogue over gameplay, you should make this into a series, find a seemingly obvious but easily missed topic and expand on it. Chea

  5. Hey shofu, Great pokemon 101! you should do these little bits of tips more often 😉
    (and hell yea while watchin' your vid, the same question was running thru my mind. NOW I KNOW)

  6. @barrett627 i probably should have mentioned this in the previous comment, but dont rely on that program entirely- while it is very good for determining weaknesses, your team still needs to have an overall strategy, i have met a few people that have just put a few pokemon together to where the team has no weaknesses, then loose horribly and wonder what they were doing wrong- so i thought i should point this out -sorry if it was unnecessary, and good luck in joining the competitive field

  7. Hey guys if you want to learn more about competitive battling the smogon community is very helpful , as well as a section full of arguably, the best or most commonly used sets, as well as a tutor/apprentice system which i have heard is very good for beginners to competitive battling, also if you have trouble balancing out your teams pokemon marriland has a helpful program that tells you how many weaknesses/resistances your team has – hope this helps
    also good vid shofu 😉

  8. @TheSupremePrince but what pokemon is threatened by trick so much that you'd need to resort to having a useless item on it??? Also don't plates also stop trick?


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