My Sacred Beast Yugioh Deck Profile for December 2018


Hope you all enjoy the video!
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  1. I'm currently building my own version of this Deck with my "Suicide" style of play, where you focus on dumping your cards into the graveyard. The Deck isn't meant to be competitive but rather for fun and more Anime like, I appreciate any help you can give me. I would like to keep at 52 cards in the main if possible.
    The profile is as follows:

    Monsters; X23
    Uria X1
    Hamon X1
    Raviel X1
    Lava Golem X1
    Gorz, Emissary Of Darkness X1
    Darkness Destroyer X1
    Archfiend Of Gilfer X1
    Kaiser Vorse Raider X1
    Helpoemer X1
    Makyura, The Destructor X1
    Juragedo X1
    Witch Of The Black Forest X1
    Gemini Imps X1
    Dark Summoner Beast X3
    Phantom Of Chaos X2
    Sangan X1
    Necro Gardna X1
    Kuribandit X1
    Battle Fader X1
    Scapeghost X1
    Litmus Doom Swordsman X1

    Spells; X18
    Fallen Paradise X2
    Litmus Doom Ritual X1
    Temple Of The King's X1
    Power Of The Guardians X1
    Twin Twisters X1
    Pre-Preperation Of Rites X1
    Ledger Of Legerdemain X1
    Pot Of Avarice X1
    Gold Sarcophagus X1
    Seal Of The Ancients X1
    Harpies Feather Duster X1
    Dark Eruption X1
    Painful Choice X1
    Graceful Charity X1
    Terraforming X1
    Stray Lambs X1
    Cursed Armanents X1

    Traps; X16
    Exchange Of The Spirit X1
    Anti-Spell Fragrance X1
    Powerwall X1
    Doble Passe X1
    Booby Trap E X1
    Battle Mania X1
    Urgent Ritual Art X1
    Nightmare Wheel X1
    Shadow Spell X1
    Fiendish Chain X1
    Call Of The Haunted X1
    Limit Impulse X1
    Depth Amulet X1
    Shapesister X1
    Zoma The Spirit X1
    Metal Reflect Slime X1

    Extra-Deck; X4
    Number 13 X1
    Number 31 X1
    Dark Highlander X1
    Armityle X1

  2. When you do the Egyptian Gods Deck profile, are you going to use the GX field spell Mound Of The Bound Creator and all 3 of Ra's cards? Also when do you think you'll be able to make the video?

  3. I'm new to Yu Gi Oh and the names are so shiny I can't read them, can someone give a the list. Plus he is talking so fast and is only saying part of the name. Thanks

  4. May I ask about something. Would it be a good idea to run the sacred beasts in a D/D and D/D/D deck because they’re all fiend types and they run a lot of continuous spell and traps?

  5. I like decks like this. And when they bring out support for older archetypes even if they aren't meta. Really wish they would give dark blade some decent support..


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