My Masked Beast Yugioh Deck Profile for September 2019


Hope you all enjoy the video!
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  1. Playing for fun? With an original deck?! That doesn't cost 500 dollars???

    Someone pinch me i must be dreaming.

    Kudos friendo!

  2. Wow this is rare seeing you do deck profile on dead not used decks I mean its def fun to watch! When I saw the video I thought they got new cool support and new ritual monster,that would be soo cool!

  3. A cool idea would be to build a pure spider deck build, as I have a friend that has been trying for ages to make one work

  4. why not run Tenyi stuff in the deck? Masked Beast is a non effect monster, so a lot of different options to support/protect him

  5. This deck gets indirect support in the next legendary duelist set. The new level 3 friends and dark occultism

  6. Question do you actually play any of these decks? Question 2: Can you start uploading duels of these decks? Either irl, ygo pro, or dueling book. Btw love your channel, been subbed for years 😊

  7. Hey kiratwig2 can you please and thank you do a constellar deck because constellar are my third top favorite deck of all time and my number one favorite deck is x sabers and my number two favorite deck is evilswarms

  8. This is why I love this channel, I love seeing you make deck profiles on any card/archetype. It's fun seeing these cards with a sort of competitive aspect. Also would love to see new revamp support for Masked Beast!

  9. I have a masked beast deck myself and I like using trade in for draw power instead of allure because the banish you can’t recur. I also use 3 dark necrofear because it’s similar to mask of remnants has natural type level and attribute synergy and is also a special summon. I like 3 of those over 3 des guardius which I run 1-2 of. The unexpected dai combo is one I use with plant trumpeter to turbo out level 8 synchros with my melchid or tiki elder. Love the profile very nostoligic and similar to my build.

  10. Any chance your able to do a Lava Golem deck? I’ve been playing around with a trap burn engine as well but nothing that runs smoothly

  11. This small archetype of "classic" cards has always been my #2 wish to get modern upgrades, the first being the Gate Guardian cards. Magnet Warriors got it, Relinquished got it, so I feel like it could happen one day.


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