MUST-TRY Local Vietnamese Food Tour In Saigon ( Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam )🇻🇳


Is Vietnamese food delicious? What to eat in Vietnam besides Pho? This video reveals one of the most epic nights we have in Vietnam so far. We explored deep into the local experience and food culture in the nighttime in Saigon ( Ho Chi Minh City – HCMC). In this video, you will get to explore with us the highlight of Vietnamese cuisine, We also get a chance to cook some of the food by ourselves, we mingled with many friendly locals and see the way they truly hang out at night in a local area, get to try plenty of unique Vietnamese food for the first time and try some of their weirdest food as well.

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  1. hey did you try fried banana or fried sweet potato yet? it might not be good as the you ate in the video but if you can just try one, its very good.

  2. people in the north of vn who have never cheered the same way : 123 dzo that they will cheer 123 dzo 123dzo 123 uống

  3. Everything you tried (hot vit lon – aka balut – aside) is delicious! You were lead to some amazing dishes…but there's many more. The beauty and uniqueness of Vietnamese food is that 1) it's interactive quality (the rolling of things in rice paper or leaves or adding herbs or fish sauce to dishes), the ability to customize a lot of your own food to your preference, the AMAZING use of myriad fresh vegetables and herbs along with the the kajillion dipping sauces…and to top it off, it all tastes great! That's what makes it stand out from all the other foods out there.

  4. About balut egg, people in Northen Vietnam like Hanoi usually remove all the eggsell and put the egg into a small bowl, then they will add salt and use a small spoon to eat. One more thing that half of the egg is yellow and it's delicious. But the other part the white part is more nutriton because it have the bird inside

  5. Có rất nhiều món ăn đc thể hiện qua bài hát này " Ăn Gì Đây | Mr.T ft. Hòa Minzy" và "Ăn Gì Đây 2 | Mr.T ft. Hòa Minzy "nếu vẫn chưa có món ăn nào chưa ăn trong lời bài hát thì nhớ đi ăn nhanh nha :V

  6. Great job, guys. Thanks for sharing your experiences as I've not been able to go back and visit my homeland yet, since I relocated to the US at 5 yrs old…. Only thing that slightly bothered me was one of you pronouncing it VietMaNese and not Vietnamese 🙂 — Looking forward to watching your other cool videos

  7. At 8:00, that is not "Bánh Xèo", it's "Bánh Khoái", this is originally from Huế (mid-Vietnam). Bánh Xèo is much bigger and thinner than Bánh Khoái.

  8. Ya'll remind me of myself when I came over to the U.S in 1975 as a young lad and tried different American foods. Everything was so new and interesting. I thought the hot dog was the best tasting thing ever and I was in heaven visiting McDonald's for the first time

  9. Will be visiting HCM in a few weeks and your vlog is my Ultimate guide. Enjoying it so far and hopefully will have the same awesome experience as do guys do.

  10. Nagyon szeretem vietnam!
    Ott lehetőséges jó hangulatos!🇭🇺🥰🥰😍😍😍👌👌👌👌👍👍👍👍👍

  11. Ôi sao bạn không làm phụ đề tiếng việt để người việt dễ theo dõi video của bạn. Video của bạn làm rất thú vị đó 👍👍

  12. Wow awesome Ho Chi Minh life my friend I fly back to live in district 1 for the next month, can’t wait last time I was there I met my fiancé, I think western men and HCMC woman are great for each other our weddings in February

  13. xin cac cty dich vu cho nhan vien huong dan nguoi nuoc ngoai…phai co dao tao "nhan cach" cho nhan the ho lam dai dien cho quoc gia VN chi trong vai gio ….cung co the de lai trong tam tri cua du khach khi den VN ve ban chat cua nguoi VN, dat biet la "nu" du sao VN chung ta cung nam trong bo phan cua chau A…nen phai tiet che mot chut…vui ve la ban chat tot,nhung phai co chung muc…khong thoi de bi hieu lam va danh gia khong hay khi moi nguoi tren hanh tinh nay khi chot nghi ve VN trong tam thuc cua ho……co mot vai gop y gui den nhung nguoi co nhiem vu thay mat cho hon 90 trieu nguoi VN… cam on!!!.


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