Must read LOGO & BRANDING BOOKS for designers


Books are a great way to learn design, here is my list that I recommend for every graphic designer to read. Here are my top Branding, logos and strategy books that inspire me and have helped me learn about design. These are must-have books if you are starting out or are a freelancer then it’s great to have these as a reference.

1. Pretty much everything – Aaron draplin
2. Branding in 5 and a half steps – Michael Johnson
3. Identity Designed – David Airey
4. How to – Michael Bierut
5. Logo – Michael Evamy
6. Logo Design Love – David Airey
7. Logo modernism
8. Freelance business and stuff – Hoodzpah
9. Build a story brand – Donald miller
10. Book of ideas – Radim Malinic
11. Maximise your potential – 99u
12. Show your work – Austin Kleon
13. Brand Gap + Zag – Marty Neumeier
14. Win without pitching – Blair Enns
15. Creative strategy and the business of design – Douglas Davis



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  1. Hold up… you're showing off the books without showing us a peek inside? This reminds me a camera review video where the person never showed a single photo. Please share more of what you're getting at. I can guess you've grown out of your auto focus days which is good (that can be troublesome if you're doing a static shot. Putting in a bit of B-Roll while you're doing videos is also a smart move. It's something you can cut to so visually you're engaging with your audience more. Your "Day in the Life of a Freelance Graphic Designer 2020" video has a bit of that, so that is solid. I'm sure videos like this are rather rare for your channel and most is done with vlog shots and screen capture, but going that extra mile where ever you can will make a world of difference.
    I already have plans to at some point sink some money into a desk camera stand or desk tripod so I can capture better shots of when I work on my illustrations. Oh, and maybe some better lighting set up because I only have one desk lamp at the moment.

  2. Thanks for the suggestions. I'm trying to convince my team that we need a rebrand but I need to be able to back that up. Getting some good references will help.

  3. its good for junior graphic designers. Its kindly to put some picture of book on the screen or list the name of books on the info box. its too fast. I have to pause the video to find them. Thank you so much anyway!


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