Mui Ne | Beaches and Sand Dunes in Vietnam


Mui Ne was not what I imagined Vietnam to be like. With rocky beaches and miles of desert sand dunes, you really feel like you stepped into a different world. It was a wonderful weekend away from the busy city of Saigon.

When traveling during Tet holiday, everything is going to be a lot more expensive and things are going to book up fast. We decided to go to Mui Ne because it was a cheap to get to from Saigon. Make sure to book accommodations and bus transportation a week or two in advance! We messed up and booked our bus back to Saigon the same day we wanted to leave. Not only did we have to leave earlier than we wanted, we also had to pay double the price to get the last seats!

Bus Companies to Book From:
Tam Hanh Travel –
The Sihn Tourist –
Futa Bus –

Fairy Stream
Red Sand Dunes
White Sand Dunes

Bamf – Island Queen
Of the Trees & DELTAnine – Feather of Truth

– GEAR –
iPhone SE
GoPro Hero 5
Zhiyun Smooth Q Gimbal


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  1. Thank you for this video. I never went there. Do you know if we can film by drone here or in Vietnam in general ? You are so cool in front of camera.

  2. Nice video, but does it 0:55 mean you slept in the same room with complete strangers? It doesn't seem comfortable or safe.

  3. It's moo neah (mui ne) not mi ni, thanks for visiting our beautiful country, hope you had a great time and enjoyed your stay!!😍😍

  4. Avoid travelling in Vietnam on holidays, Tet – The New Year Festival – in particular. Crowded, unsafe, expensive. Going around Christmas time is best since it is cooler, less crowded, and much cheaper and easier to find a nice place to stay.

  5. I loved the endless fields of dragon fruit on the way to Mui Ne. The roadside stands sell them cheap cheap cheap, at least back in 2008 they did.

  6. I was there in 2008. It was great but some guys stole the gas from my motorbike's tank while we walked to dunes. In retrospect, I am thankful that they just didn't take the whole bike. That would have been an expensive nightmare.

  7. What made you want to live in Vietnam? Are you going to do a Q&A video or something similar? Love the content btw.

  8. love to watch your video…. and would love to do a video with you I will be in vietnam around the 14 to the 22 of March.

  9. Just a curiosity, are you a vegan? if so can you do a video about it, because i heard Vietnam has the best Vegan menu. Thanks

  10. Arabia has come to Vietnam with all the sand dunes. Thailand and Vietnam I saw traffic police. But in Cambodia I never saw any traffic police. I witnessed some of the most dangerous driving there. Drivers misjudge and at times three vehicles would be attempting to pass a slower moving vehicle such as a truck or even a car. Then they would be driving directly in the opposite lane. Even one of the buses we were in was in the opposite lane passing and a couple vehicles ahead were forced on the grass off the lane. In Vietnam I saw one accident between a taxi and a truck in the Mekong Delta area. In Cambodia, not long after we crossed the border from Vietnam on our way to Phnom Penh, we saw a lone motorcycle accident. Motorbike on the ground and the driver sitting on the side of the street with lots of people around him.

  11. Do you know Red Sand Dune ? If you don't know you really missed a great place , but it's small than white sand dune

  12. I wish I had thought about taking a trip for Tet, it was sooo boring here. Most businesses were closed so I mainly stayed at home hah Next year I'll have to plan an out-of-town trip cuz your's looked like fun (minus the high prices of course heh) ;D

  13. Alison, i been to Mui Ne with my girlfriend (Now wife) back in feb 2013. It brings back the memories from your this trip. The white sand dunes was quite spectacular and it was one of the favourite attraction for me when i visited there. The beach waves there were huge and not suitable for swimming except kite surfing which was a popular activity there for foreigners. How many nights do your stay there? 1 or 2 nights would have been enough.

  14. It has been such a long time since I last visit Mui Ne! Love the sand dunes there. Thank you for sharing. ❣️

  15. Cool video!

    How was the bus trip?
    I heard that sometimes they pair you up with strangers to share a bed.

    What is the normal bribe fee if you get pulled over by a police officer?

  16. I see improvement with every vid. Voiceover narration on some of the B roll footage with less prominent music can add a lot of value to the content. Some history, stories, myth, background info on the places you visit etc.
    Afterall, you're Viet kieu! So unlock Vietnam for us! 😉

    And keep up the good work!


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