MEME Theory: How Behind The Meme is Ruining the Memescape as we Know It


A complete waste of time? Probably.

Triple H – My Time Instrumental
Yes – The Gates of Delerium
Blank Banshee – B:/ Start Up
Gran Turismo 4 – Arcade Mode
Led Zeppelin – When the Levee Breaks
King Crimson – 21st Century Schizoid Man
Coffin Nails – Mf Doom
iamMANOLIS – My Future Girlfriend
Samoa Joe Theme (Destroyer)
Focus – Hocus Pocus
Midnight Club 3 DUB Edition Soundtrack Game Theme #2
Mario Kart DS – Boss Battle
Super Mario Galaxy – Bowser, Great Koopa King
Pink Floyd – The Trial (Instrumental Cover)
Deep Purple – Lazy



  1. yeah, im good without the sudden loud screams, thanks. I don't think I have to be part of normie culture to appreciate long lasting hearing and no headaches. Intentionally pissing people off, doesn't really count as good content either, since thats what you kept going on about.

  2. I remember when I started seeing and using memes, there were formats that had been in use for years, and continued to be used for years. Now, a format gets burned out in a matter of months. Every time I see one of my co-workers say "check out this meme I just discovered!" I know it's time to move to greener pastures.
    *Cue Simpsons "he's already dead" clip*

  3. Honestly what's the point of earrape? Are you mad at me? Is it just a fuck you to people who watch? Who is it funny to? Making me reactively cover up my phone's speakers or turn down my headphones every 30 seconds just for fun? I'm trying to listen to what you have to say but it's frustrating. I get it's part of your style from doing YTPs but when you have an actual topic worth listening to why turn people away?

  4. I remember two year ago coming to this video as a normie fan of BTM and thinking “fuck this guy” and funny enough two years later I’m stilled subbed to this downward spiral and BTM has been long vacant from my subscriptions

  5. the last dying whimpers of a culture that was only able to exist becuz their parents had enough money to get them internet in the 90s and who think of themselves as 'outsiders' becuz they're fucking weird and lonely lil weasels that spend all their time making memes becuz they aren't funny in any other context. You're not an oppressed people and you're hardly all that complex as a culture. Don't go crying about others wading in your pool when their only ability to affect your water comes down to you being a stagnant pool of festering bile that hasn't moved away from the same outdated types of website for nearly 3 decades. Go back to your little corner of the web and cry cultural appropriation there. Memes would've come to be with or without people like you. I know it's hard to imagine, becuz your entire culture is so self-important, but ideas and concepts are always evolving and the evolution of memes has simply left you old-hats behind. There is no 'Normie' unless you 'other' people who are just living their lives. The need of people like you and 4chan users in general to be sooooooo much better than everyone else is why you're going to get swept under a rug in the long run. I like your shit, but this whiny childish attitude is just unnecessary overreaction to the march of progress. Before anyone loses their mind over this comment, I've been all over 4chan for years, and I do have a problem with BtM in that he doesn't translate the voice of the internet well, accurately, or with any degree of respect for its origins. That said, othering people and actin like you're better than them so they aren't allowed to admire what you've created is despicable and narrow-minded.

  6. I feel like the terminology and mindset behind this should be changed

    The idea that liking niche or unpopular things makes you better than other people is some serious cringe hipster shit.

  7. I can't believe this bullshit it's just being mean and an asshole to a group off peaple for no reason other than pandering yeah normies are main stream boring peaple but there what society is built on be thankful that thanks to them the world you live in can afford to have a loser talk about how much the a average person is average


  9. In 2017, I wanted to know why Behind The Meme was so hated, since no one gave good arguments to why. If I watched this video back then, I would be satisfied, instead I watched it 3 years later when I forgot his existence.

  10. This was really mean and harsh. You've directly inspired people to attack Behind the Meme, who was a pretty harmless youtuber.

    I feel really bad for Behind the Meme.

  11. this is really funny, really truthful, but kinda obnoxious (I think the word outsider and normie are kinda obnoxious that's all)

  12. wow so i watched this video REALLY late (like 3 years late lol) and i think i wanted to say some things, i think your divide between normie and outsider does exist and is p much obvious it does (the bell curve and stuff), but you heavily imply that you find normies to be below outsiders or that the content that they consume is lower quality in some way, that being accesible is inferior and that liking what the masses is cheap and not genius (i didnt fact check if u exactly said that and idk if that is is or was your actual opinion but i think that a view similar to that was heavily implied), i find a lot of problems with saying that. First of all, you have all the rights to say whatever opininon you have about popular media, you can say its garbage, empty, cheap, lacking of content, accesible, etc, and i think you can convince a lot of people that it is, but i think i can also argue that that is not always the case with every popular media and that being that way is not neccesarilly a bad thing, it just depends on taste and what every person prefers, something accesible can sacrifice some things like oversimplification, being comfortable, stagnant, etc, but not all people want a 30 min extensive analysis on eveyrthing, some people are new to subjects and want an easy to digest introduction to it, some people just dont care enough to go so in depht with everything, i know you may feel somewhat offended if they are saying something like that about a topic you really like but at the same time you have to understand that a lot of people have reasons to like certain "normie stuff", im all out for getting new people onto obscure stuff but at the end of the day everyone has the right to decide what they like or not, you may even enjoy some normie stuff too so even if you have the right to say that every normie thing is inferior, i find that it is a very naive view. Also, i think you really simplify the "divide", like it was this impenetrable binary, i think, i doubt there is really a full normie or a full outsider, i bet even you enjoy some stuff that is considered normie too, it reminds me of the "im not like other girls view", like someone cant be both in a way and that everything comes in extremes. (i was gonna try to write a coherent thing but i got tired and no one is gonna read this anyways so im gonna leave this as a jumbled mess)

  13. Kind of weird how you talk about normies while also using WWE footage. I keep thinking to myself, "Does he think WWE is outside the Normie's viewpoint? Has this guy ever watch New Japan Pro Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Noah, Pro Wrestling Guerilla, Lucha Underground or any other wrestling that's actually outside the box?" I guess things just get weird once you're into niches within niches, but it's why I never buy "Normies" as a hardline transition. You're a normie for one thing and an outsider for others.

  14. Honestly I can't watch Anthony fantano and it's not because he has bad content or anything it's because I instantly get annoyed when I look at him I don't know why but I'm sure he makes great reviews


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