Make the Best Pho and Never Go Out Again


Meat Slicer:

This is the best pho recipe ever. The ingredients is understandable but the method of cooking is critical in making the best pho you can.

2 lb oxtail or brisket
2-3 lb beef bone with meat
1-2 lb beef tendon
8-10 splashes fish sauce
6 star anise
2 cinnamon sticks
10 pcs cloves
1 onion

1 bunch Basil
2 bunch green onions
2 Limes
4 jalapeno peppers
Quarter onion sliced

Ribeye sliced

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  1. I think you did a great job.
    You could do better but that doesn't mean that this didn't taste good!
    Better than instant noodles I am sure.
    Keep up the good work and don't let the negative comments get you down!
    Most of them are too lazy to even try this.

  2. That boil is too hard or rapid.
    You want to have the water simmer with slow bubbles coming up to the top.
    Simmer where the water is barely moving.
    That being said… your doing a great job!
    Anyone with a deli slicer is A OK.

  3. This looks really good and healthy, I usually only buy the Chicken Pho, never tried the beef one, but heard it's really good.. didn't seem like it was time consuming, I think some people just never try cook meals on their own…

  4. I’m Vietnamese and I’m doesn’t cooked PHỞ this ways. I’m never put fish sauce, never used pressure cooker while making Beef broth. My beef or chicken Phở always clear yellow amber clean tastes. But every person has a different method way to make it. Just curious see someone “how is make these Phở😃!! “

  5. Thank you for your hard work and now I’ll be purchasing me a pressure cooker and I’ll definitely be making myself some PHO 🍲 SOON.

  6. Had always wanted to make pho but the long process , all day long, turned me glad you showed that we can use the instant pot. I will certainly try to make one for the family…after the pandemic is over…so i can shop for the ingredients..thank you so much

  7. I really want to make that. I am not Asian but I love there food. It's the best. ! That looks soooo good. I am just not sure about tendon. I don't like that name can someone tell me what the Australian term is for this. ?

  8. A little while ago I stumbled across a video
    And I had a strange realization. I spent a year in Vietnam from May of 1963 to May of 1964, and even though I was in the Army I worked in the city of Saigon. I was one of these Americans that got involved in the culture of Vietnam. I even learned to speak the language fluently.
    But since then when I would talk about some of my experiences in Vietnam, I would often say that I would have a bowl of noodles for lunch and then I would go back in town at night and have another bowl of noodles. Town would be Saigon. So I just learned the bowl of noodles that I was eating everyday, was Pho. Seventy-seven years old and I just learned what I had for lunch everyday at age nineteen. It wasn't just a bowl of noodles, rather a very special Vietnamese dish. From time to time I would also tell people that that was the best year of my life. Every once in awhile I would wake up at night and I would think about something I did when I was there. Then before I would go back to sleep, I would thank God that I had the rich experience of being immersed in the Vietnamese culture. I also help to 17 year old twins escape from the country and go to Hong Kong as refugees. When I was 24 and married with child, I got a call one night from one of the twins. He was at O'Hare Airport in Chicago on his way to Seattle Washington where he lived with his sister. And what a coincidence that he had just been discharged from the United States Army as was his brother in the Army. One last coincidence, One of the brothers was sent to Vietnam as a cook. It was such a story that the Army newspaper Stars and Stripes did a story about the twins. Thank God they made it to the United States !
    So anyway I'm glad to have learned that wasn't just a bowl of noodles that I had twice a day for nearly a year.

  9. You're using a vegetable blade to cut meat.
    Get the proper blade and it will work much better. The meat blade has no serrations and is more like a butcher knife.

  10. Mmmm 😋 or this is pho of Gods, it looks super rich, thanks for the video, I will prepare it, and I am fascinated by how you explain it, simple

  11. You also dont eat pho with Jalapeno peppers, it should be Thai Peppers. Dude, and rock sugar! You will get no scum if you boiled the ox tail or any meat you use for the broth as you did with the bones. Just 8 minutes for the first boil, it will not affect the flavour of the meat. Consult a Vietnamese next time. And you should Charr the onion and ginger, and toast all the spices like the star anise/cinnamon, also, you should use Coriander seeds too.

  12. You really need to blacken the onion and ginger for an authentic flavour, do it on your barbecue or in a dry pan. Toast your spices as well.

    Also, what's with the dirty rag wrapped around your thumb………………..

  13. I wish you invest in a Japanese knife. The slicing of the vegetables seems rough and suggests a rather dull knife.

  14. I loved your recipe, and enjoyed your video and instructions.. thank you so much for sharing. I love how you added the 3 different meats..just like a restaurant. Yum yum ❤❤


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