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As winter approaches, the battle between the living and the undead in Joseon is just beginning. The royal court is teeming with snakes, the zombies are coming, and the crown prince has a nation to save. The worst is yet to come, and everyone will need to choose a side without knowing who they can really trust. 

Ju Ji-hoon, Ryu Seung-ryong, and Bae Doona return in the highly anticipated second season of Netflix Original Series KINGDOM.

Coming to Netflix March 13.

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  1. Noice only 11 and got the hang of it 🙂 hope my mom will bring me to the theaters oh wait- no im only 11 nvm in the tv then!

  2. at first I got intrigued of the thumbnail of Kingdom season 1. I hesitated at first because Joseon era kind of kdramas are not my type. But I gave it a try because the plot is interesting and fuck. At first episode it got me hooked right away. There isn't some kind of romance but all throughout it's very interesting. Usually I would've prefered romance on kdramas but this is an exception. It exceeded my expectations. I never regret watching Kingdom and now Season 2.

  3. отличный сериал, однако второй сезон уже не так свеж и захватывающ, но конечно многократно превосходит полнометражные фильмы с многомиллионными бюджетами типа Star wars по уровню интересности и сопереживанию героям… Браво Корейцы!

  4. It's not just another Zombie movie. It will make you think and ask questions.

    I Love how the writers make used of
    hunger, greed and blood to the theme of the story. Kudos to the writers and directors.

    Cant wait for S3 🙂

  5. 안타깝다 어쩔수없는거긴하지만 조선시대 특유의 말투, 저하같은 단어를 영어로 표현할수가 없을테니..

  6. hello~ I'm a Korean.

    please let me tell you about Kat(Korean traditional hat) if you have interest about it.

    in Choseon Dynasty,

    people had to put on the hat to show their good manner to the other one.

    and there are many kind of hat according to their position and their situation.

    '갓(Kat)' is the most general and plain hat to Choseon people.

    usually people has to put on the Black 갓(Kat) when they go outsides.

    and when their parents or the king dies, they had to put on White 갓(Kat) during about 3 years to mourn their parents or the king.

    and according to their position, 양반(upper class) put on more wider and big 갓(Kat) than middle class.(lower class and women can't put on the "갓(Kat)" because of their lower position) and they had another kind of hat which is named "정자관“ when they were at home. solder had their own hat.

    and when the upper class go to Palace to meet the king or to do politics.

    they had to put on the hat named "관모(Kanmo)“ shaped like a little round mountain.^^(and it has little wings both of right and left)

    (It hard for me to explain the shape of "관모" in English. sorry about that)

    * I think I'm so poor at English. I wonder if you can understand what I say to you. please tell me my broken English.

    thanks for your reading.

  7. Omg l was freakin' looking forward to it !! I just finished season 1 last month and cannot wait any longer for this ! lol

  8. Edge of your seat stuff, characters you care for so good to see the hero's not just killing zombies with ease, I hope there's a season three, the sound of bells was a goose bumps moment

  9. Just finished the whole season 2 yesterday. It is #1 trending in Netflix Philippines! Almost all of my friends are streaming it too. 🥰🤓♥️

  10. Y'all I just binged season 2 and it's one of the best shows ever. You need a whole movie….you need 20 episodes……Kingdom: watch this and does it 6 episodes. Season 3 coming in 2021. Cast & Crew y'all blew this show out the water. I love love lovvvvveeee this show!!

  11. This season satesfied me a lot,i been replay again from season 1 and 2💓 and I can't wait to watch season 3. Thank you for the best season of this movie.


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