Joseph Nye on global power shifts


Historian and diplomat Joseph Nye gives us the 30,000-foot view of the shifts in power between China and the US, and the global implications as economic, political and “soft” power shifts and moves around the globe.

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  1. Warum Moral in der Politik wichtig und was von Trump zu halten ist:

  2. Had to watch for a class, very fascinating! I think the privatization of violence will within a century or two end the state.

  3. His concept of 'smart power' and 'co-operation' is just the extension american way of neo-colonialism for selling their goods in developing countries.China challenged these conspiracy so they are coming with new concepts like 'positive good' etc.
    All scholars of the USA is waiting for the fall of China to get their theories correct like their theories about the USSR.
    Listen to a pro-chinese scholar you will get these conspir

  4. Boy "word salad" is right… who ever said it earlier… this is full of nothingness… Why does these Ted videos remind me of that show "The Shark" where crazy inventors try and sell business ideas to investors"? Just horrible..

  5. In my opinion the part where says that a state has the upper hand in power if it has 'a better story' is not a soft power. It sounds more like propaganda, which is something different from the soft power. Am I right? Does anyone have the same opinion or am I completely wrong?

  6. Joseph Nye, I'd like to tell you there's a picture in my mind, an old man dressed well on a Sunday morning went to church, he entered the lift, smiled to the stranger with a fake smile. He pretended to be a good gentlemen, and talked about "don't be afraid of the rising China". There're tons of people like this but no one even mentioned that the rise of China or Asia means many poor people are getting out of poverty! I wish the next decade we see rise of Africa, south America, or rise of the poor people in America. Joseph Nye, you're not a professor, and not a gentleman with a open and warm heart, is that the soft power you're talking about?

  7. Мне думается, что мир не поделился на ветви, а трансформировался с учётом интерннет технологий!И тут возникает вопрос:"Преобладание Возможностями Технологий и СПОР или цена человеческой жизни за СПОР и Преобладание Возможностями Технологий??"Это существенное обстоятельство и для истории ,политики нравов и силы и, быта людей!Глупо погибать -никому не хочется!Нравы и Cилы пока берут Вверх над технологиями!Странно и страшно звучит ??Но это так!!!Представьте себя, пришедшим на нашу планету из космоса! Вы будете в состоянии ужаса и шока от тех новостей, которые вы узнаете, ведь у Вас там такого и близко -НЕТ, тк ВЫ – высокоразвитая цивилизаия и живёте тем, что каждый занят своим делом и ВСЁ(!!) под контролем!!!А планета Земля -оказалась для Вас -полностью не контроллируемая -во всех отношениях!!!А мы земляне -так и живём,вроде бы контролируемом ….НО .. полностью в бесконтрольном пространстве!!И здесь ключевое слово -ВРОДЕ!!!!!ВДУМАЙТЕСЬ!!КУДА МЫ ДВИЖЕМСЯ И ДЛЯ ЧЕГО???(P.S.переведите этот текст самостоятельно и верно!)

  8. I really disagree with Nye about a power transition of West to East. It’s completely misleading. Germany, for example, is one of the most developed economies of the World and one that belongs to the western traditions and backgroud. And I don't see any economic shift from germany to somewhere in Asia. Not to mention the United States.

  9. There is a confusing meaning among "Soft Power" and "Public Diplomacy" and sometimes 'Propaganda. It's like a business of academic to paraphrase several similarly meaning concepts, if you read them carefully you got what i mean

  10. Chairman Xi is using smart power better than all the US politicians. He has not fired the shot for more than a month after Indian army invaded into Chinese terrirorie. US is very disappointed that India can't be the one to fight China for Her. Indian government is fighting a war that is both foolish and unnecessary.

  11. Propaganda USA WE OWN THE WORLD, USA always first to kill, nukes, napalm, depleted Uranium, cluster bombs, agent orange, Killing in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, USA killed over 3 million Asians and left. Wars Built on LIES Vietnam, No Known Heroes in wars built on LIES.. THIS idiot makes excuses for global power. USA military "Full Spectrum Domination", USA created AlQaeda and ISIL to drag others into wars built on lies. SHAME Propaganda is soft power, yes CON-JOB.


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