IntelliJ IDEA Tutorial – How to Install and Configure | 2019


InjtelliJ is by far the best IDE for software development, did you know that its the most used IDE for professional software development? Yes, that’s right.

In this video, you will learn how to download and configure IntelliJ for Java/Koltlin development. You will also learn about 2 great plugins which will help to be more while using IntelliJ.

Download IntelliJ here:

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  1. Do you know the hotkey to activate aceJump on a german keyboard? ; on a german keyboard is shift+, which doesnt work. Cannot find anything on the web about it.

  2. Not so intelligent as Eclipse
    How this extra intelligent IDE organize import, format code and apply final where ever applicable?

  3. Nice Video ..I have followed step by step but facing this problem after running my first project name 'Hello'..
    Information:java: Errors occurred while compiling module 'Hello'
    Information:javac 11.0.4 was used to compile java sources
    Information:8/23/19, 1:25 PM – Build completed with 1 error and 0 warnings in 774 ms
    Error:java: error: release version 5 not supported

  4. When i try to run a java program I get the "edit configurations" tab, how do I know what template to use for my project? I just want to print out hello world and I'm not doing a maven project lol

  5. I was able to find tutorials on program development idea like NetBeans,eclipse,sts etc but no one are making tutorials on advanced database ides like datagrip if you concentrate on it you can get more subscribers and views. As the ide is totally difficult to understand and connect to database as I was unable to connect to oracle database using shows me an error while connecting.But if I connect with SQL developer ide it is connecting successfully.please help and if I search in net it is of no use no proper information if you male tutorials on using datagrip ide it will be helpful to many people.Hope u can understand the issue thanks in advance.

  6. Please brother make video tutorials on datagrip because there are no tutorials on this database ide anywhere in internet.
    As I was unable to connect to oracle with datagrip but with SQL developer I was able to connect successfully.

  7. I have downloaded IntelliJ IDEA 2019, and using SpringBoot DEVToiols, but whenever i make changes to my code, it is not reflected, I tried build project automatically, but it only works if application is not running. Is there any way we can use it.

  8. When choosing a Java version for my project, I have a choice between 11.0.2 or 1.8. Which one should I choose or does it not matter?


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