How to Use Facebook Messenger Secret Conversation


This video walks you through how to use the Facebook Messenger Secret Conversation feature to have a hidden, secret, or private conversation on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device.

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Video Transcript:
Facebook Messenger’s Secret Conversation feature lets individual users (not a group) have a more secure and private conversation than they can have using the traditional Messenger. Secret conversations are encrypted from end to end, and can only be received on device’s where you’re currently active on Facebook Messenger. If someone involved in a Facebook Messenger secret conversation switches devices, the other person in the conversation will be made aware that the person they are having a conversation with is using a new device. Additionally, you can set a timer associated with how long a message can remain visible after the recipient reads it. Once time is up, that message is gone for good. The Facebook Messenger Secret Conversation feature supports sending and receiving messages, pictures, stickers, and videos, but you can’t send GIFs, make video or voice calls, or send payments to other users. Finally, the Facebook Messenger Secret Conversation feature is only available in the Messenger mobile app for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. It is not available on or

This video will walk you through how to enable, start, delete, and turn off Facebook Messenger Secret Conversations.

And now, let’s walk through how to turn on the Facebook Messenger Secret Conversation feature.

Step 1. Open the Facebook Messenger app on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. Your Facebook Messenger home screen is displayed.

Step 2. Tap your profile icon in the upper left corner of the screen. The Me window appears.

Step 3. Scroll down the screen, and then tap “Secret Conversations.” The icon that appears to the left of Secret Conversations features a black square with a white padlock on it. The Secret Conversations window appears.

Step 4. Tap the toggle to the right of Secret Conversations if it isn’t enabled to turn it on. A dialog box appears in the center of the screen, asking if you want to turn on Secret Conversations. Tap “Turn On” in the dialog box. The dialog box will disappear. You’ve successfully managed to turn on Facebook Messenger Secret Conversations.

Next, let’s talk through how to start a Facebook Messenger Secret Conversation.

Step 1. After turning on Facebook Messenger Secret Conversations, launch the Facebook app on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device.

Step 2. Tap the “New Message” icon in the upper right corner of the screen. The New Message window appears.

Step 3. Tap “Secret” in the upper right corner of the screen. The Secret Message window appears.

Step 4. Tap to select the person you want to send a secret Facebook Messenger message to. A Secret Conversation window opens up with that person. You can verify that it’s a secret message by looking for Secret Message toward the top of the conversation window, an icon featuring a black circle with a white padlock on it in the lower right corner of the person’s profile picture, and a message to the right of this person’s profile picture informing you that this is an encrypted conversation across all of your mobile devices.

Step 5. Tap the “Timer” icon on the left side of the message entry box at the bottom of the screen. A Set Timer menu flys up from the bottom of the screen. This lets you define how long this message will be visible to the recipient after they open it. Alternatively, you can set this option to Off if you don’t want the message to self delete. In this example, I’ll choose for the message to self-delete after five seconds. Tap “Done” after making your selection. You’ll return to the secret conversation message screen, where you can see the Timer icon is now shaded black, and a message appears in red text above the line where you enter your message notifying you that this message will disappear after your selected amount of time has passed after that message has been seen.

Step 6. Enter the message you want to send in the text box at the bottom of the screen, and then tap the black paper airplane icon that appears to the right of that box to send your message. Similar to the way you can with other Facebook Messenger messages, you can tap any of your sent secret messages to see whether or not they were received by the intended recipient. If the message was seen, the word “Seen” will appear in small gray letters beneath the lower right corner of your message. Alternatively, if the message hasn’t been read yet, you’ll see “Sent” in small gray text beneath the lower right corner of the message. Recipients will receive notifications similar to the way they do for normal Facebook Messenger messages, however, in any places where you would normally see someone’s name, the notification will simply say, “Someone sent you a message.”



  1. Messenger was another joke.
    Why do people need to have secret messages?
    Pretty sure my messenger account which actually I was locked out of.. was contaminated by others.

  2. Hey Max i'm just wondering if someone log in my account on other devices can he/she read my secret convo if that specific person log in you're account on his device

  3. If this had a different icon for the notifications so no one knows the notification and had a different text you could choose or you could choose the Icon like one from another app you have and/or some different text on the notification, then it might truely be forever secret and I might use it. Somone using your phone might still see messages, unless you turn off notifications before you hand it to them which might be a better idea. I might even turn off notifications for everything depending on the person. I do not like cheating though which is not why I would use this if it was a bit better. I suggest just turning off notifications if you feel you might have to before handing someone your phone. You could even delete a conversation and then start fresh without the other person knowing, but the same settings on or off would still apply. I'm glad to be good with technology in this day and age.

  4. My messenger secret message are now showing a red alert by them and says there're not encrypted…How do you make encrypted ???All buttons are on,,

  5. I have a secret conversation that was sent to me but do not know how to get to it to read it when i click on it i dont see any kind of message at all

  6. What does it mean on the messanger app when u click the profile pic takes u to the page we’re it says video,profile,audio and says Facebook below the pic instead of messanger

  7. how about 3rd party is it possible to read a secret conversation example juan n john secret con. and they ve got 3 party is it possible to read? or seen?

  8. I despretly need to find out how to retrieve a message that has already disappeared in a secret conversation. There has to be a way somehow i just cant find it anywhere.

  9. What if other uses my phone and open my Messenger, they still able to see it right? That I have a secret conversation?

  10. How can I delet messages that I conversated with someone before, I mean that if I want block totally and delet all the messages that we we're chatted before from both.???


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