How to Setup C++ on Windows


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  1. great video
    but it shows me problem when i try to import your settings. the problem i get is :-

    Warning 1: Category 'Window Layouts' ({eb4ba109-a9db-4445-bd09-e7604bcdce84}) could not be migrated because the author of the category did not provide support for migration.

    Warning 2: Category 'Test Execution' ({48d11193-265d-1458-743e-2b88c655b377}) could not be migrated because the author of the category did not provide support for migration.

    Warning 3: Category 'T-SQL90' (TextEditor.T-SQL90) could not be migrated because the author of the category did not provide support for migration.

  2. If anyone is confused about how to find the settings folder, you should be able to access it by following the tutorial, when you go to import the settings you'll see the directory, where it says "save current settings" just click browse and copy the file there then keep following the tutorial.

  3. So im coding on visual studio code using the "gdb" debugger or whatver Mingw is. It is all so confusing to me but anyway.
    Whenever i run my executable, it seems that it closes as soon as it opens so i cannot see if it is running fine.
    If i run the file from the command prompt, it work.
    How can i amend this issue?

  4. Can i use another IDE (my favorite is atom) for this tutorial series, or should I use Visual Studio as well? I've set up Atom for C++, and "Hello World" works.

  5. Hey I know this is a bit late and I 'm new to programming, I downloaded visual studio but when I wanted to save my file to a location I don't see a "Dev" folder? Am I supposed to install any other software besides visual studio? Thanks

  6. How do i create a desktop shortcut? I only have one for the installer which I dont need. And in the thousands of folders in the explorer I cant find the executable to create a desktop shortcut. Does anyone know how to create one?

  7. Your video is great, but you are too fast with your fingers for one to track what you have done, especially the directories and plug-ins side of things. I was hoping that your video would help me successfully install Visual Studio. Unfortunately, your video proved me a slow learner. Is there any further help you can give?.

  8. can some one explain the need for '#include <stdio.h>
    ' because in Python I can do easily print("Hello World!") is there a way I can easily do it in C++

  9. 1>C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft Visual Studio2019CommunityMSBuildMicrosoftVCv160Microsoft.CppCommon.targets(429,5): error MSB6006: "CL.exe" exited with code 2.

    plz help

  10. I've tried so many ways for too long to configure an IDE with a compiler to run C++ on windows, none of the ways i've tried before were working for me… until i found this tutorial. Thank you for your tutorial, god bless you man!

  11. Heh,

    Your websites security cert ran out 4 days ago, my security wont let me connect with your site, is this correct, really want to have the same vs settings as you in order to best follow this series.

    When do you think this will be rectified?

  12. Me parecen muy interesantes tus vídeos. Ademas te doy las gracias por el conocimiento que nos permites alcanzar atraves de ellos.

  13. is there a way to make sure i don't accidently use any windows specific anything , because i like visual studio however i also run linux.
    and visual studio doesn't run on linux , so my idea is if i can make the program in windows using visual studio then compile it on linux for linux.
    (its the gui maker in visual studio that a like the most , everything else i can live without)

  14. I have a very small computer and I'm learning c++ to combine with my art to make a videogame.
    Do I need to install the optional files with Desktop development with c++ for it to work ?


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