How to Play NASUS TOP for Beginners | NASUS Guide Season 10 | League of Legends


How to Play NASUS TOP for Beginners | NASUS Guide Season 10 | League of Legends is focused on playing Nasus and the purpose of this video is to explain the essentials of how to play Nasus and why he is a great Top laner to play, if you are new in the Top role. Remember to Like, Comment & Subscribe!
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  1. This is a very informative guide, but I wish you used a game where you lost lane and got bullied out lane instead of a game where you could essentially afk stack and eventually stomp anyone in your way. That's usually more frequently what happens opposed to winning early

  2. Damn your guide is helpful dude!
    You have fantastic narration skills imo keep up the good work!
    Just gained another sub <3

  3. sounds like a good champ, I play Yorick a lot which relies on last hitting the minions and sounds like a fun champ to play other than him

  4. Cheers mate, just getting back into league after a 5 year break 😂😂😂 This will definitely help improve my game!

  5. What elo was this, that Cass was bad for not abusing the fk out of you early and also you thought Iceborn gauntlet gives MR lmaoo wtf

  6. hey guys today we're going to be playing nasus (PINGS) he's (PINGING) a (PING INTENSIFIES) fun (MOAR PING) top (WE ARE STILL PINGING) laner

  7. Im stuck in bronze…i always carry thw game..and if i dont most of the time we lose…and now with this guide ima learn how to play nasus and crush it in ranked…bruh thanks for the vid itll help alot in my rank sessionn

  8. "This game was only mid gold to early plat rank, so guess that's why" so you telling me these players are garbage in comparison to bronze? because that's all I read there…. I cant believe how easy that was for you… I would've been poked so hard its not even funny… watching this legitimately made my blood boil because you where literally not faced with any set back or issues yet you're a higher elo then me, ranked is a damn joke guys… hated watching this video straight up, I came here to look for a way to win and I watch you with less challenge then me like tf… show me a damn nasus vs sett, or yasuo or even teemo…. get out of here with that cass

  9. goodness I can tell you're not american or that English was not your first language lol phage=page love it haha not making fun I just love the mistake it sounds funny.


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