How to Ninjask Baton Pass: 6v6 Never Used Tier (NU) Wifi Battle ft. Klinklang and Regirock


*****Info on giveaway can be found at the end of the video*****
QOTD: If I handed you an ordinary click pen and asked you to sell the product, how and what would you do?
(note: optionally, responses can also be funny/creative)

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  1. make it the most expensive click pen in the entire world, for people with too much money, who buy this as a status symbol. GG easy!! #JaySeaGiveaways

  2. QOTD: If I had to sell a click pen, I would sell it for one dollar and I would sell it to a friend. #Jayseagiveaways
    (Btw if this prize is a pokemon from your pool, hence I don't have a 3ds, can I pick someone to get the pokemon instead? NO GREED INTENDED <3)

  3. Step 1: melt pen down
    Step 2: build little plastic ducks out of the,
    Step 4: sell them each for 2 dollars due to the superb craftsmanship and the fact you had to melt the pen down
    Step 5: profit

  4. Approach the potential customer. Ask them if they have written out their will yet. Obviously they will reply that they haven't and aren't planning on dying soon, so why rush into something like writing out your will. Immediately guilt them into thinking about their children's future and ask them if they even care about their loved ones well-being. Of course the emotionally vulnerable potential customer will cry out in agony and begin coming up with things to put in their will. You soothingly calm them down and give them a piece of paper (free of charge of course, how nice of you) for them to write on. 'But I have no writing instrument!' says the potential customer. Well well well, look who has a handy dandy click pen for only $2.99 plus applicable taxes. That would be you. Potential customer transforms into actual customer. Way to go sales man! 
    Repeat for profit

  5. Steps to Selling a Ordinary Pen:
    Bomb News Reporters
    Become Famous
    Sell the Pen on EBAY
    Title it as 'My Pen To Success'
    Get Money and Youtube Money
    Get Interviewed A Lot
    Get a Job


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