How to Make Trap Beats in a Big Studio with Real Musicians


I went to Forge Recording Studios with my musical mentor, Ron DiSilvestro and we created a track from nothing on the Razer Blade Pro. I used my Universal Audio

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My mentor and awesome drummer and engineer. Ron DiSilvestro

Justin Fava – Great guitar player and singer. He even makes trap beats 🙂

Shot by Jay Yachetta
Producer/Director at LuxWAV Films



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  1. you've made a very nice chords with deep instrumentals I'm fucked up with your drums but its yours thats why like 100%!

  2. This niga is wack n that beat is trash total waste of talent n studio space stick to the fl studio pocket app your better off beat is just as sad as your career , you move into bass alright .. Basements w those tacky productions

  3. Well I was mainly looking for how to make trap beats within my own bedroom, preferably on my own bed, without moving a toe.

    But if my problem someday is that I'm in a big studio with real musicians and don't know what to do, I know where to go.

  4. If you were making that beat
    for me I will fall to sleep 🛏
    but please don’t forget to wake
    Me up tomorrow morning

  5. Aye bro , I need your help I know how to make chords , but I’m stuck on coming up with melodies, can you help me I’m using the computer keyboard . Is that why it’s hard for me to come up with melodies ?

  6. Who’s the fucking idiot with the camera ion give a fat baby’s behind about the lap top I’m tryna see what’s going on 🤦🏽‍♂️

  7. I have no clue why anybody listens to this clown he literally is so bad at making music, he makes everything over complicated & tries to use big words to make himself sound smart hahahaha

  8. did he lose anyone else when he mentioned a Wendy's mixtape?? Now I listened to 2 songs by Wendy and got to get back to "producing" something productive! 😛 xD

  9. How he explains this reminds me of my younger brother with his music. So in depth, enthusiastic, and passionately with authenticity. Kinda like me when I'm talking to young bruthas n sistas about careers in the Air Force. Lol I'm all about positivity, educating, and motivating people to like Goodie Mob said.."Get up, get out, and get something"!! Great job Busy Works Beats! Stay inspiring!


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