How To Install Battlefield 1942 + Expansion Packs FOR FREE [Tutorial]


This is a tutorial on how to download and install BF1942, including the Road To Rome and Secret Weapons Of WWII expansion packs for free. All links are below for required and necessary files. Hope this tutorial helped you, and we’ll see you on the battlefield!

Battlefield 1942 + Expansion Packs Download:

Team SiMPLE Links:

Soldiers of Valor Discord server and forums:



  1. Hello, the tutorial was fine and the explanation but I have a problem I already had the original "battleflied 1942" and the one from "The road to Rome" and I wanted to install the one with the secret weapons, But when I want to play the one in Rome, I get a file called "BFCPRT.dll" and that I use to download it but I don't know where that is downloaded, apart from that, I couldn't download the one with the secret weapons, it would be a great help if you told me that I have to do because I barely know English

  2. i installed it from the website and now someone from india logged in to my twitch account? i still got the game but its really creepy

  3. Everytime i quit the game, my desktop resolution changes to 800x 600. (the one i use is 1360×768). Any ideas on how to fix it?

  4. Really good. That's a really interesting download. The whole game and expansions, including the master server fix and wide screen… Damn, thats good content.

  5. Thank you, i have been looking for battlefield 1942 with all extensions for so long! There server has shut down, and i think the company that made this game went bankrupt, so you couldn't even buy it. THANK YOU SO MUCH!


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